Is Digital Marketing Specialist A Good Career Skill In Singapore?

Digital Marketing Specialist Jobs And Salary In Singapore

Digital Marketing Jobs and Salary

This article is for marketers that just graduated or about to graduate and need guidance for their career path in becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist. 

If this is you, we hope that you’ll find the content in this article helpful.

Let’s dive in:


Whether you are looking for a job as a specialist for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation or social media marketing, these digital marketing skills are in huge demand all over the world and needless to say, in Singapore.

With tons of marketing and advertising messages being tossed around, an average advertisement is not enough to capture the consumer’s attention.

This is when Digital Marketing became so popular that companies are spending millions of dollars on professionals to grow their business.

Determining Your Career Objective In Your Digital Marketing Career

​Because of its low barrier to entry, almost anyone can be a digital marketer.

The question is, “do you have the capabilities to take on huge projects for business owners at the enterprise level?”

Regardless if you just started out as a marketer or you have been in the industry for a while, set your goals higher and be better than others.

This is where you stand out.​

Planning Your Career Objective

planning your career objective

It is important that you set a strong career objective before you embark on a journey to a successful digital marketing career.

For starters, most digital marketers would set their career objective towards building a solid skillset and portfolio that shows their credibility.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve from pursuing a career in digital marketing?
  • Would you be working for yourself or would you have climbed up the corporate ladder in the next 2 years?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • How are you going to grow as a digital marketer?


Once you have gotten a clear career objective, do a quarterly review on your progress and ask yourself the same questions on a yearly basis.

Do not worry if you change your career objective along the way.

Make sure that you never look back and keep moving forward.

In this article, we will talk about the career path for digital marketers and how you can grow in this industry.

How Digital Marketing Jobs In Singapore Is Different Now

As companies set aside budgets to invest in marketing, it is important that the entire marketing team work towards a positive Return On Investment (ROI) for the company.

Under the umbrella of digital marketing, the marketing team focuses on tasks such as boosting the company’s presence, developing advertising strategies, analyzing market data, grow the amount of followers on the company’s social media pages, and most importantly bring in sales.

We have combed through the internet and found 2 roles that most companies in Singapore are actively recruiting – Digital Marketer Jobs​ and Facebook Marketer Jobs​.

Digital Marketer Jobs In Singapore

A digital marketer job in Singapore basically covers the entire skeleton of the overall marketing strategy.

From defining the roadmap to deploying activations and campaigns, the digital marketer has to ensure that he or she brings a positive ROI for the company’s marketing dollars.

The job scope may include paid digital advertising, social media marketing, website analysis, search engine optimization and more.

Facebook Marketer Jobs In Singapore

“Since Oct 2018, Singapore has 4 205 000 Facebook users and that account for 70.9% of its entire population.” – extracted from a 2018 statistical report.

This piece of news quickly spread like wildfire as companies search high and low for digital marketers with a specific skill set in Facebook Marketing.

The primary task of a Facebook Marketing Ads Specialist is more than just managing ads.

You have to create attractive ad copies, design eye-catching graphics and understand the entire process of the sales funnel.​

Digital Marketing Salary In Singapore 2020

Even if you have the lack of experience now, you might still obtain a digital marketing role but with a lower salary (unless you know how to negotiate or have a strong portfolio).

Otherwise, give it a year, work hard and learn as much as possible.

Once you’ve built your portfolio, that’s how you can rise through the ranks.

Be sure to check out our digital marketing course if you want to acquire knowledge for digital marketing.

Below is a source that we’ve extracted from Adecco Singapore.

It shows an average salary of marketers in the year 2018.

Entry Level Marketing Salary In Singapore VS A Senior Digital Marketing Executive Salary In Singapore

According to the above source and payscale, an entry-level marketing executive earns an average salary of S$30,016 per year excluding bonus and commission.

The requirement includes a minimum of a Diploma Certificate.

Additionally, a senior digital marketing executive earns an average salary of S$46,000 per year excluding bonus and commission.

The requirement includes a minimum of a Diploma Certificate and 5 years of experience.

Nevertheless, salary varies for different companies as bosses and CEOs value talents differently.

There are definitely cases whereby candidates did not meet the certification criteria but still obtained the job.

Ultimately, driven individuals are like golden nuggets to the business owners.

Be that golden nugget.

Why Building A Marketing Mindset Can Help With Your Career

According to The Straits Times, there is a high demand for marketers specializing in ECommerce and Digital Marketing.

Demand for leaders in these areas have increased by 20 percent from 2018 to 2019.

Unlike the past, candidates applying for digital marketing roles are no longer required to be highly educated or have years of experience to secure the best positions in the industry.

This is because new technologies are changing the way employers look at ‘skills’.

This new set of skills are referred to as “soft skills.”

When it comes to hiring digital marketing professionals, candidates that possess soft skills are highly valued by most employers in the marketing industry.

Our aim is to highlight the ideal mindset that most employers in Singapore value in a modern marketer and how you can develop a digital marketing mindset.

A Digital Marketing Mindset That Employers Are Looking For In A Talent

An ideal symbiotic set of qualifications any modern marketer needs consist of hard skills, soft skills and technical skills.

Some of the technical skills includes understanding basic social media marketing, building SEO campaigns (preferably white hat), Paid Ads and more.

As the digital industry evolves constantly and becomes more competitive, a new string of skills that employers sought after are as follows:

The Ability To Adapt

The ability to ‘think on your feet’ and provide new solutions to the changing demands is a must.

Being able to adapt your marketing strategies and tactics to keep up with the market needs is critical for growth.

You never know what might be coming down the pike in today’s digital world, especially in Singapore.

Being Resourceful

On top of having an adaptability mindset, the second key component is to be resourceful.

This means that marketers can provide more accurate sources of data for in-depth analysis and offer new solutions.

It is important that you are forward-thinking in your approach to access information that are updated and insightful.

Be More Creative And Flexible

There is a latest saying that goes, ‘Analytic minds thrive when they are more creative and flexible’.

Knowing how to work with technology is simply no longer enough.

Modern digital marketers are now required to have a creative and flexible mindset.

When a tricky situation arises, you must know how to counteract with new ideas and effective solutions.

Career Opportunities And Challenges For Marketers

The rise in demand for marketers that possess a strong digital marketing mindset offers plenty of growth and learning opportunities.

However, the challenge is when marketing professionals lack soft skills.

Some of them do not know how to improve while others do not even know they lack the skills.

Taking Action To Develop Your Mindset

Continuous learning and the hunger to adapt your skills to work more effectively is the opportunity you must embrace.

Being a self-motivated learner, you place yourself in a position where you are equipped to focus on developing your own soft skills.

As you continue to develop interest for creative thinking, learning new ways to integrate new ideas and strategies, you are allowing yourself to become more adaptable, flexible and creative.

Free Courses From Google And Facebook

With thousands of free courses online, there are no excuses for learning and upgrading your skills.

You can even learn from Google Academy and Facebook Blueprint directly and here’s why:

  1. After the completion of the online courses, the certificates that they award you are industry standard and it establishes credibility for your portfolio.
  2. The courses are absolutely free to take.
  3. You can take the courses at your own pace.

Many marketers learn the knowledge online before joining a course to find out how they can implement strategies with proven results.

This brings us to the next point.

Immerse Yourself In An Educational Environment

Life-long learners hone their personal and professional knowledge through upgrading themselves.

You can do so by signing up for relevant courses that many Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore (like Next Level) are providing.

For example, if you are a Facebook marketer, you can register for a course like ‘Facebook Ads & Marketing Course Zero To Pro’ at Next Level Singapore.

When you register for a course, you will find many like-minded individuals and obtain new ideas that you have never thought before.

You can also subscribe to educational newsletters or our CEO’s YouTube channel and join our private Facebook Group if you are a student of ours to keep yourself relevant in the digital marketing industry.

This hunger to know more about emerging trends provides you a broad view of what is happening in the industry.

Building A Digital Marketing Mindset Starts Today

Many efficient marketers are good communicators.

They trained themselves through constant learning so that they can present their ideas and strategies clearly to people from different levels and backgrounds.

When you have successfully established yourself as an authority for being a problem solver and a trusted professional, businesses and companies will more likely want to hire you to get results and meet their goals.

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing And Excel

As mentioned before, most companies that hire digital marketing specialists may or may not look at certifications but they prioritize those who can prove their skills.

But with so many other talents out there in Singapore, how can you stand out?

For beginners to digital marketing, the first obvious step is to be able to explain what is digital marketing and its main components.

In broad terms, digital marketing (also known as online/ internet marketing) is described as the process of promoting your brand, product and services on the internet.

You need to understand that the entire process has a number of components (or rather channels) that is required in a holistic digital marketing campaign.

Once you get to know the basics, the next step is to get your hands dirty and start your career journey.

Sharpen Your Profile With Case Studies

Having an up-to-date profile can help establish a professional image to your potential employers and customers too.

LinkedIn is a professional community where you can stay up to date with the latest business-related trends, connect with and learn from industry experts as well as apply for jobs.

When you apply for a job, don’t just send a cover letter and resume.

It is important that you send your case studies (or portfolio) as well.

Here’s a bonus tip: You can fold some tailored marketing ideas to the employer in your cover letter and/or resume.

For example, you may be applying for a content writing position at a company.

What you can do is to read through their website and rewrite an even better copy for them.

Then justify why your copy is better and back up your proposal with your portfolio.

If you have done paid advertising campaign before, mention keywords like amount spent, cost per result, return on investment (ROI) or return on ad spend (ROAS) to wow the employers (hint: these are the metric we keep our eyes out for when looking through resumes).

For those that have not build a portfolio yet, you can plan some mock projects.

Often, the best marketing mock project to work on first is to demonstrate how you have applied your skills to your own website or social media.

Create Digital Marketing Tutorial Through Videos Or Written Blogs

Digital marketing is not a theoretical concept.

It is measurable and practical.

One of the best ways to stand out among all the other marketers is to start building your online presence on the internet.

You need to know how to apply the different techniques and put them into practice.

Whether the strategy that you implement is successful or not, keep on applying your knowledge and test it out on an actual live marketing campaign.

For example, if you are into social media marketing, you can run your own ads and create an article on how to run profitable Facebook Advertising campaigns right from the start.

Then use your case studies and results as testimonials (if any) to convince new employers or clients to trust you and secure a good contract or job.

To gain the necessary skills and confidence, start your own tutorial videos and write articles on how well you know about digital marketing or how your strategy has brought results for you.

This process will take time and the learning curve will be big, but as you continue to share your knowledge, it will build a solid foundation for you to kickstart your career.

In A Nutshell: Is Digital Marketing A Good Career In Singapore?

CEOs will be looking for candidates that have the experience, a passionate mindset, and a right working attitude to grow their business.

A certification is simply not enough.

A job in digital marketing may sound challenging at first (in fact, it is challenging), it should not be a reason to give up just yet.

Regardless of any digital marketing role, one has to start somewhere.

If you are looking for a career in a high-growth industry and you are hungry to learn, the answer is ‘Yes, digital marketing is a good career in Singapore’.

Consider a digital marketing job in Singapore today!

Even if you have little to zero experience for the role, the digital marketing industry has many facets to it that experience might not be necessary to land you in that job.

As long as you have the interest and determination to learn, choosing a digital marketing job in Singapore opens doors to many opportunities.

You will have the freedom to work as an in-house marketer, a digital marketer in an agency or even work remotely (freelancing).

Are you a digital marketer yourself?

Share with us your thoughts regarding the jobs and salary in Singapore.

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