How to do Live Streams if you are Camera Shy

Doing a livestream may be a new thing for many of you. As with any new skill or platform to be learnt, there may be some unexpected challenges. Many of you might find yourself facing the problem of camera shyness. This is certainly a common and understandable problem, so what are the ways that we […]

Managing a Live Stream: How many people do I need behind the scenes?

Using live videos for your business at the beginning can raise many questions, especially with regard to manpower. How much work goes into a live video? Who is involved behind the scenes when you are doing a live video? Do you need an assistant, or even a team to manage operations? Do you need an […]

Why You Should Go Live On More Than One Platform

Some of you may be wondering which social media platform to broadcast your live sessions to so you can get the best result. You may even be wondering if it is possible to go live on more than one platform. Yes, you can do that, to a 100%. The benefits of doing live on different […]

How to Keep Viewers Watching Your Live Stream?

This is a good question and a critical point to take note of. As you go on live, you start to build a following. Structuring your live videos for maximum effect plays an important role in this – it ensures that you already have a good base to work with. However, your views will not […]

How long should your live streams be?

Statistically speaking, the recommended length for live videos should be at least 20 minutes. This is if you want to maximize your audience retention and reach as many viewers as you can. On average, the 20 minute mark indicates the highest level of attention from your audience you will receive. However, why should there be […]

How to go live even if you are not selling a product

In these circumstances, many people are now utilizing live sessions to run their businesses on their social media platforms. Whether or not you are explicitly selling a product, going live on your social media platforms can benefit you just the same. If you are not selling a product, you may be running a service. Even […]

How to Structure your Live Video for Maximum Effect

During this period, many people are making the most out of their social media platforms by using Facebook Live and other live platforms to broadcast their products and business. You can do just the same! This article breaks down a good strategy for what you can do on your live video on a per minute […]

Why and How You Should Repurpose Your Live Videos

There are a huge variety of things you can do with live videos for your business. Many businesses are making use of Facebook Live and other livestreams, such as those on Instagram and Youtube as well. These livestreams work well, considering the current circuit breaker measures shaping the circumstances we are all in. This article […]