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Complete Digital Marketing, Social Media And E Commerce For Sales​


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1 DAY, 10:00am – 5:00pm


Bugis, Singapore

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Holding a position as a project or account manager at a Digital Marketing Agency
Are you a business owner of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) or a start-up that is handling all the marketing efforts by yourself? 
Whether you are selling products or services, the online presence of a business is a huge factor to its success.
Think about this, which industry has not entered the digital space in Singapore? The rapid growth of competition in the market has been pushing the demand for more skilled digital marketers. This, in-turn, encourages more people to become a Digital Marketing Professional in Singapore.  


About Our Digital Marketing Course

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We provide one of the most comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore where you can equip yourself with valuable skills to achieve new possibilities and opportunities for your business or career. Learn and understand how to navigate your way around the digital workplace and internet economy in this burgeoning field.
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SkillsFuture Claimable
Our ‘1-Day Complete Digital Marketing Course’ is specifically designed to immerse learners with the latest Digital Marketing modules where you will be able to create, distribute, promote and price products and services that generates revenue.  If you are one of those that search for ‘digital marketing course singapore skillsfuture’ on the Google Search Engine, you have landed on the right website! You can claim for your SkillsFuture credit when you sign up for our courses. 
Earn A Professional Certificate Within 1 Day
Next Level Singapore offers a selection of digital marketing, e-Commerce, and Branding courses for working professionals that want to earn a professional certificate. These strategies is to attract and retain customers & clients, increase revenues, and enhance reputation.
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Certificate Criteria
Learners have to attend the entire course duration to receive the certificate. It serves as a written document that the learner is equipped with the necessary knowledge to create, implement, manage, and monitor successful business strategies.
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  • Latest Facebook and Instagram strategies to dominate your industry
  • Run profitable Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns
  • Create a website within 1 hour in class with professional help
  • Get practical Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn sales generation strategies
  • 5 strategies to build your Facebook presence
  • Facebook, Instagram, SEO or Google Adwords – Which is King?
  • Build a basic marketing strategy that is Branded, aligns with your Business Goals, drive ROI and grow real audiences/ supporters
  • Execute the best practices in content writing for your website to boost sales
  • Apply practical marketing techniques for your Business Social Media Accounts
  • Devise the successful strategies from Case Studies and model it for your business
  • Monitor and review your business KPIs and metrics by tracking your data analytics
  • Discover the latest Tools & Resources that your competitors are using to maximise sales
  • Boost the credibility of your profession and brand image with a ‘Certificate of Completion for a Digital Marketing Course in Singapore’

Course Modules

Learn How You Can Promote Your Business In Our Hands-on Training

  • Gain advanced knowledge of the digital marketing landscape in 2020. Learn how businesses are done online today.
  • Learn why 2020 is the golden age for Facebook and Instagram and why you should start using it now.
  • Discover the proven ways to get your business found online in today’s noisy marketplace.
  • Describe your product/ services and answer questions accurately, so that site visitors who are interested can get more information.
  • You can emphasize information with bullets or use the italics/ bold format.
  • Get hands-on guided lectures to create a simple website in 1 hour.
  • Learn the exact quick but effective rebranding strategies for yourself or your business.
  • Master techniques that make your brand look amazing for instant trust and credibility.
  • Understand the subtle differences between platforms and how to harness the correct leads and sales generation strategies on them.
  • Discover professional insider tools to profitably run Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Learn what leading e-commerce sellers are doing today.
  • Tap into sales opportunities yourself.
  • Learn the latest 2020 techniques used to generate leads at a lower cost and more effectively for our clients.
  • Learn how to increase your total business customer lifetime value offline and online.
  • Get our exact profitable e-commerce Funnel Strategies that are working today in 2020.
  • Identify common but unknown pitfalls to avoid when going from offline to online.
  • Implement advanced analytics tools that pro marketers are using to track, measure and optimize their marketing campaigns.
  • Learn data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Map out to the exact dollar how much your business will make 30 days from now.
  • Discover the 4 Strategies you should use right now to make sales for zero cost.
  • Learn how to subtly sell on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram so you do not repel potential customers away by being too pushy.
  • Gain clarity by asking us any digital marketing challenges or pain points that you might have.
  • Learn actionable tips you can implement now for more leads and sales.

Prerequisite and Preparation

Get The Skills And Insights To Drive The Marketing Change Today

Who Should Sign Up?

Employees interested to brand themselves or their company online; Business owners & entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business; or Sales & marketing professionals looking to stay relevant.

What are Required?

Please bring along your personal laptop so that you can learn and apply the strategies taught during the training. Attendees are required to have basic computer knowledge.

What to Prepare?

You may prepare some questions prior to the training. Do approach the trainers for advise on the Project or business that you are working on. After the course, you will also be receiving a Certificate of Course Completion.

Are You Keeping Up Or Losing Out To The Digital Space?

  • Ad spend in Social Media has proven a positive ROI and it is set to grow to $24.4 billion. (Social Media Today)
  • A survey has shown that 58% of a successful companies have a dedicated mobile marketing team (Salesforce)
  • Marketers reported that their strategy are 356% more likely to succeed when they know exactly what they are doing with their campaigns before executing (CoSchedule)
  • Shockingly, 45% of businesses who are investing in digital marketing does not have a digital marketing strategy. (Smart Insights)
  • 55% of Marketers leverage on Brand Awareness campaigns on Facebook to drive impressions at a widespread and cost-efficient clip. Followed by Post Engagement (54%), Conversions (48%), Traffic (47%), and Reach (43%). (Wordstream)

We Only Provide Excellent Training Services

If you have the impetus to learn more, you will develop competencies for further exploration of your skills and strategies after attending our Digital Marketing Strategy Course.

Experienced Trainers

All of our trainers have their own achievements and successes to share. Receive a headstart with insider information and valuable resources from this Digital Marketing Strategy Course to help you scale your business to the next level.

No Coding Required

Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore are not just for Coding professionals. You can join us even if you do not have Coding Knowledge! As long as you know basic computer knowledge, we will build your foundation base up before proceeding to the more advanced processes and techniques.

Practical Strategies

Learn at one of the least theory-based Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore. This Digital Marketing Strategy Course equips you with effective strategies that are result-driven, implementable, practical and useful in any business context.

Hands-On Sessions

If you were to attend any Digital Marketing Course in Singapore, would you sign up for a hand-ons training or presentation-style lecture? Our beginner-friendly course focuses on activity-based training where you get to create your Marketing Strategy by yourself.

Profitable Digital Marketing

Seize the opportunity when you sign up for a Digital Marketing Course in Singapore that is conducted by industry experts! We have a team of knowledgeable and skillful experts in the industry to conduct the training. So come and chat with our trainers and receive valuable advice that you can apply to your business.

After Lesson Help & Support

A Digital Marketing Strategy Course is all about offering continuous help and support that you need for your business. After attending our course, you can always reach out to us or refer to our guides and videos to reference throughout your journey of application.

Don’t Get Left Behind with Outdated Digital Marketing Strategies!

Sign up and learn the latest Marketing Blueprint adopted by many successful business owners with our 1 Day Digital Marketing Course – Singapore SkillFuture Claimable.

Course Registration

Be A Certified Digital Marketing Professional


This Digital Marketing Course Is Conducted By Industry Experts.

Our trainers are well-equipped to teach the latest online marketing strategies to help SMEs and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more customers, and grow their online presence.

Please contact us directly directly if you have the following enquiries:
Corporate Training 
We offer an extensive range of comprehensive and structured courses that are specifically tailored for corporate businesses. Share with us your organisation’s training needs and we will get back to you with the best training options.   
Grants and Subsidies

Claim with your SkillsFuture Credits instantly! Our Digital Marketing Course is Singapore SkillsFuture certified! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

General Information About a Digital Marketing Course in Singapore

Digital marketing is any form of products or services that are marketed over electronic devices and it can be done both online and offline. A Digital Marketing Strategy refers to actionable plans that you, or your business, implements on the internet to reach and attract potential customers or other goals you may have identified. Join our training session to find out more. 

As the marketing landscape in Singapore continues to evolve, digital marketing is one of the fastest ways to overtake your competitors when optimized properly. It is paramount to the success of your business. Whether you are growing your business from a physical shop or store, trade shows or cold calling, having a digital strategy ensures the maximum results of your marketing efforts. 

Every Digital Marketing Course in Singapore has something unique to offer. The best Singapore Digital Marketing Course address the learner’s needs, preferences and budget. If you are a busy business owner or an entrepreneur that wants to achieve actual results on the internet, our course may just be the one that you are looking for. 

What’s more, you can claim the course fee with your SkillsFuture credit when you sign up for our course. This hands-on training will allow you to receive valuable insights and resources that are useful, practical and easily implementable for your business and career.

A Singapore Digital Marketing Course is commonly conducted by a local expert that has been there and done that. This means that the modules are customised according to a Singapore business context. If the strategy works in Singapore, why not just model it and implement in your business? 

When you attend an actual course, you get to interact and receive advice from experts directly. So, prepare your questions before you join our training. It will definitely be a fulfilling learning experience for you.

Engage a Digital Marketing Professional where you get the actual expert to handle your business marketing. Our expertise are in Digital Marketing and Video Marketing Services. You can contact us directly for further discussion on how we can value add to your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Courses

As long as you are a Singapore citizen and above 25 years old, you will receive a $500 credit in your SkillsFuture account. This SkillsFuture credit is a form of encouragement from the Singapore Government for continuous lifelong learning. 

We strive to provide a top-notch educational experience for you with the best trainers and professionals. We are SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Approved but not accredited by Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) yet. This means that WSQ aid cannot be used in conjunction with our courses. 


As much as possible, we want to provide the best convenience for you but during rare occasions when constraints are encountered due to the number of registrants and classroom availability, the training venue might have changes.     


Requests made less than 48 hours of notice to transfer to another time slot or course will not be accommodated.  


The email confirmation that we send to you represents your seat(s) confirmation and receipt of successful payment. 


All materials that we provided are meant for the individual registrant’s exclusive use when he/ she attends the class. Recipients of our materials must not be scanned, copied, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use to others.  

We are more than glad to take in more talents and experts to join us! Unfortunately, we can only work with Singaporeans. 

You can showcase your skills and share with us on how you have successfully achieved results based on your own case studies. Some of the courses includes, but not limited to, business-related subjects such as Digital Marketing, E-Commerce or Social Media Marketing Courses. 

Please email us your detailed resume. We will assess your application within 14 days and contact you if you are shortlisted.

What Is So Different About Next Level Singapore's Digital Marketing Course

All our trainers possess a minimum requirement of experience and they must be certified to conduct Digital Marketing Course

The best learning environment is where you are the focus of our attention and therefore this course is purposefully catered for smaller groups.

Unlike other Singapore Digital Marketing Course, our course trains beginners with step-by-step modules from the basic level to the advanced level.

This course provides the Complete Training on Digital Marketing, Social Media And E-Commerce to boost your business sales

We made Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore easily accessible for all to attend. No prior Coding knowledge is required as long as you have the basic computer knowledge.  

We are always working hard to ensure that the quality of our courses is not compromised. By doing so, this course is always updated with the latest Trends, News and Strategies to maximise the potential results that you can achieve.

This Digital Marketing Strategy Course is a activity-based training and it require attendees to bring along a laptop. You are encouraged to raise questions as our trainers are ever ready to assist and guide anyone who requires help during the training. 

Whether you have a strong passion in Digital Marketing or the desire to continuously upgrade your skills set, we are pleased to have you in our training. Having said that, this course is conducted in English and it is important to us that you understand the entire training session.

What Will You Do To Succeed?

Take Action Today

Digital Marketing Services For Businesses

We strive to meet the demands of all busy business owners in Singapore, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our team of professional Digital Marketers has gained a strong reputation for providing high quality and result-driven services. Many clients have given positive feedback about their working experiences with us and the Return-on-Investments (ROI) they have achieved.

Certified Digital Marketing Courses

Next Level (formerly known as Surge Digital) is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore. We are committed to cultivate in-demand skills and leading-edge talent to the workforce in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a course to upgrade your skills or boost your overall profile, you will find both in the exciting environment of Next Level. Check out our most popular digital marketing course, which is highly rated by many of our participants!

Case Studies

We use Digital Marketing to help companies like yours scale up to huge numbers. We've helped countless business owners that vary from million dollar real estate agents to companies that are doing $40 million in revenue. What we do isn’t a secret. Learn what has worked for us and our clients.

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