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Bugis, Singapore

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When it comes to the effectiveness of a Social Media Marketing strategy, engagement with your audience is the key to the growth of your customer base and their loyalty towards your brand. That is, when you manage it correctly. 
A business that only know how to sell but does not engage with its customers have a slim chance to achieve the desired Return of Investment (ROI) for their social media marketing efforts. 
Especially if you are a business owner of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore, it is important to interact with your consumers to expand your brand awareness by encouraging them to ‘like’ and ‘share’. In fact, a survey revealed that 90% of the marketers from SME said that social media is important to their business. 


About Our Social Media Marketing Course

Our course is designed to target the Singapore business market
Growing a business means limited time for so much you can do. Whether you are looking for a Social Media Course in Singapore or an online course, this training is definitely worth your time. Learn how you can develop an effective and powerful social media marketing strategy that can bring actual results to your business. 
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SkillsFuture Claimable
If you are looking for a Social Media Marketing Course that is Singapore SkillsFuture Approved, you are in the right website! Claim your SkillsFuture credits and join our course today! When you sign up for our Social Media Marketing Course, we will bring you through the basics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Management.
Earn A Professional Certificate Within 1 Day
Next Level Singapore offers a selection of digital marketing, e-Commerce, and Branding courses for working professionals that want to earn a professional certificate. These strategies is to attract and retain customers & clients, increase revenues, and enhance reputation.
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Certificate Criteria
Learners have to attend the entire course duration to receive the certificate. It serves as a written document that the learner is equipped with the necessary knowledge to create, implement, manage, and monitor successful business strategies.
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  • How to pick and use the most cost effective platforms for your business. 
  • How to create a social media strategy to further expand your brand and business. 
  • How to get ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ for your content. 
  • How to engage with your customers the right way. 
  • How to avoid deadly mistakes that could cost the loss of your privacy and revenue.
  • Dive into some of our real Case Studies from the social media campaigns that we have successfully launched before.
  • You will learn how we get results in terms of Sales instead of more ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘comments’.
  • Apply the best practices that are used by industry experts when it comes to analyzing Social Media Reports and Insights Data.
  • Learn how to utilize the various Social Media Marketing Tools and Resources to maximize Return of Investment (ROI) for your campaigns. 
  • Optimize your Social Media Marketing campaigns and build audiences right from the start by setting up your Facebook Pixel correctly.
  • Discover how you can implement measurable and impactful marketing strategies that aligns with your business goals and at the same time increase real audience/ supporters.   
  • Understand the Fundamentals of Strategic Bidding Concepts to get the most out of your Social Media Marketing Budget.  
  • Track your Sales Funnel to monitor conversions and leverage on re-targeted campaigns.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion and update it in your profile to indicate that you have ‘graduate’ from a Singapore Social Media Marketing Course.

Course Modules

Learn How You Can Drive New Revenue And Increase Sales

  • What platforms should you be aware of?
  • Which platforms are effective in Singapore?
  • What are the best platforms for business?
  • What are the best platforms for branding?
  • Best practices for your social media accounts
  • Tips on how to maximize views on your social media
  • What is content marketing?
  • How to do effective content marketing?
  • Powerful tools for content marketing
  • Do’s and Don’ts of content marketing
  • Content marketing for businesses
  • Using Facebook like the Pros
  • Scheduling posts
  • Creating ads
  • Unpublished posts
  • Deadly mistakes that people make for privacy settings
  • Audience targeting
  • Data Analytics
  • What to do with your first 1000 followers.
  • Understanding why Instagram is so different.
  • How to use Instagram in a social media strategy?
  • Understanding how all of the platforms interact with your social media strategy
  • Effectively use ​the right strategy for the right audience
  • Finding the platform that gives you the best reach for your business

Prerequisite and Preparation

This Course Trains You With In-depth Understanding Of Social Marketing and Advertising

Who Should Sign Up?

Business owners (especially SMEs); Bloggers/Influencers; Marketers; Advertising Managers; Businesses; or Corporations

What are Required?

Laptop is required from you as this course is conducted with hands-on application. Learners are required to have basic computer knowledge. No prior digital marketing knowledge is required.

What to Prepare?

You may prepare some questions prior to the training. Do approach the trainers for advise on the Project or business that you are working on. After the course, you will also be receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

Bite-sized and Actionable Training Just For You

Our Social Media Training Courses are designed to immerse business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs in building their social presence on the internet from scratch. You will be able to leverage on the right Social Media tools that can take your business to higher heights and beyond by the end of the course. 

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers are required to have the experience and their own successful case studies to share. This is why our courses are well received by many as the insider information and valuable resources, that were shared, have helped scale their business, after attending our course.

No Coding Required

This course does not require learners to have coding experience. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly Social Media Marketing Course in Singapore, sign up with us. We’ll ensure that your basic foundation is built first before training you with the more advanced processes and techniques.

Practical Strategies

If a theory-based Social Media Marketing Course in Singapore is a little too boring for you, our course may be just the right fit for you! We train learners based on result-driven Social Media Marketing strategies that are implementable, practical and useful in any business context.

Hands-On Sessions

We’re a strong believer in activity-based training. Any Social Media Marketing Course in Singapore should provide hand-ons application for their learners. With the step-by-step guidance from our trainers, you will know exactly how to build an effective marketing strategy at the end of the course.

Profitable Digital Marketing

Based on the campaigns that we’ve launched successfully, we re-packaged it into learning materials for businesses to model and apply. With a proven blueprint, it’s increases the possibilities for boosting your business’s campaigns.

After Lesson Help & Support

All our courses are designed with the intention for continuous learning. We offer our learners the help and support with guides and videos to reference throughout their journey of application! You can reach us anytime to ask us that burning question about Social Media Marketing!

Build In-Demand Skills For Your Business Or Get A Certificate To Pursue A Lucrative Career!

Sign up and learn the latest Marketing Blueprint adopted by many successful business owners with our 1 Day Complete Social Media Marketing Programme – Singapore SkillFuture Claimable.

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This Social Media Marketing Course Is Conducted By Industry Experts.

Our trainers are well-equipped to teach the latest online marketing strategies to help SMEs and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more customers, and grow their online presence.

Please contact us directly if you have the following enquiries:
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We offer an extensive range of comprehensive and structured courses that are specifically tailored for corporate businesses. Share with us your organisation’s training needs and we will get back to you with the best training options.   
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

General Information About a Social Media Marketing Course in Singapore

The process of using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is known as Social Media Marketing. Marketers leverage on the social aspect of the web to connect and interact with their potential customers in a more personalized and dynamic manner as compared to traditional marketing. 

It is important that a social media strategy is properly planned and managed to ensure the maximum ROI for the marketing efforts investing in it. It can be as simple as posting articles to encourage social share or as complicated as using paid advertising to promote a viral effect for your campaigns. 

Sign up with our course as we dive in further on how to manage your Social Media Marketing effectively. 

If managed properly, your business social media channels could bring you endless streams of leads and profits.

In this modern era, no one likes to be sold from people they do not know. However, with social media, you can engage with ‘cold’ audiences and build relationships with them without making them feel uncomfortable.

If your audience is new to your business, they can make their own choices to ignore or research further on your product or services.

This way, the ‘sale-pitch’ transaction does not create any form of hard feelings or tension between you and your prospect. 

For starters, an interesting post on your page is the best way to break the ice with your followers.

As you maintain your relations with them through engagement, your pool of audiences will grow.

From there you can post Advertisements (Ads) to promote your services and products.

In turn, your audiences can ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ with their friends. Their friends will then notice your page and might even become your fans.

Commonly Ads Campaign is the faster way to grow your followers and see the ROI.

Sign up for our course to learn how you can maximize your leads generation and conversion through your social media channels!

We’ll break down the details to smaller bite-size so that you can understand better. 

Research has shown that attending an actual activity-base training has a more effective learning outcome.

This is because learners are encouraged to raise any questions and concerns about the training during the course.

It creates a physiological impact on the learner’s memory from the interaction that happened and thus allow them to easily recall the incident . 

If you are already paying for the online course, you may want to consider investing your money in a course that is conducted by a local industry expert instead.

You will receive exclusive insights on what exactly contributes to the success of the marketing strategies that the experts have implemented in Singapore.    

At Next Level Singapore, we have helped many clients achieved astounding results through the Digital Marketing Services and Video Marketing Services that they have engaged us. If you are a business owner that is experiencing a lack of time to handle your marketing, contact us directly for further discussion on how we can build your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Courses

As long as you are a Singapore citizen and above 25 years old, you will receive a $500 credit in your SkillsFuture account. This SkillsFuture credit is a form of encouragement from the Singapore Government for continuous lifelong learning. 

We strive to provide a top-notch educational experience for you with the best trainers and professionals. We are SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Approved but not accredited by Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) yet. This means that WSQ aid cannot be used in conjunction with our courses. 


As much as possible, we want to provide the best convenience for you but during rare occasions when constraints are encountered due to the number of registrants and classroom availability, the training venue might have changes.     


Requests made less than 48 hours of notice to transfer to another time slot or course will not be accommodated.  


The email confirmation that we send to you represents your seat(s) confirmation and receipt of successful payment. 


All materials that we provided are meant for the individual registrant’s exclusive use when he/ she attends the class. Recipients of our materials must not be scanned, copied, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use to others.  

We are more than glad to take in more talents and experts to join us! Unfortunately, we can only work with Singaporeans. 

You can showcase your skills and share with us on how you have successfully achieved results based on your own case studies. Some of the courses includes, but not limited to, business-related subjects such as Digital Marketing, E-Commerce or Social Media Marketing Courses. 

Please email us your detailed resume. We will assess your application within 14 days and contact you if you are shortlisted.

What Is So Different About Next Level Singapore's Social Media Marketing Course

We would always encourage our learners to raise any questions during the training as we want to ensure that everyone is following the course.   

All our professional trainers are certified to conduct courses in Singapore. You are encouraged to approach them for any questions you might have.  

This is a beginner-friendly course and it is geared towards guiding you through a step-by-step hands-on training to building your social media marketing strategy from scratch. 

An effective training methodology is where the course is conducted with hands-on application. This means that learners have to bring along their laptop as they go through the course. 

Anyone that knows basic computer knowledge, even like using the mouse to drag and drop, you will be able to pick up our Social Media Marketing strategies effortlessly. Rest assured that you are not required to have prior knowledge to coding or digital marketing to attend this course. 

If one has a strong passion in Social Media Marketing and desire for continuous upgrade of their skill sets, sign up with us! But this course is conducted in English and it is important to us that all learners understand the entire training

This ‘Complete Social Media Marketing Programme – Skillsfuture-Approved Course In Singapore – 1 Day’ course is designed to be implementable for any business context even if you business is not located in Singapore. 

We have been constantly working hard to ensure the quality of our courses are not compromised. By doing so, this Social Media Marketing Course is always updated with the latest social media Trends, News and Strategies. 

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Next Level (formerly known as Surge Digital) is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore. We are committed to cultivate in-demand skills and leading-edge talent to the workforce in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a course to upgrade your skills or boost your overall profile, you will find both in the exciting environment of Next Level. Check out our most popular digital marketing course, which is highly rated by many of our participants!

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