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Bugis, Singapore

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In Singapore, everyone has access to the Internet and it’s not surprising that the media contributes widely in shaping an average Singaporean’s purchasing habits and behaviour.
According to HubSpot, 95% of marketers who use social media at least 6 hours per week indicated their social media efforts has increased exposure for their businesses.
Specially designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the course enables business owners to profit and scale their business using this powerful and pervasive platform.
You will be guided by experienced professionals where they will not hesitate to share with you the key techniques, insights, tips and tricks required to excel in Facebook Marketing. 
If you are looking for a Facebook Marketing Course in Singapore that is relevant, up-to-date with proven results, sign up with us and develop the essential skills needed in your marketing strategy.


About Our Facebook Marketing Course

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Singapore has quickly shifted to a digitized country ever since the introduced of the “Smart Nation” in late 2014. No doubt that Facebook Marketing is one of the top Social Media Marketing skills that are highly sought after by employers in all areas of business in this ‘little red dot’. 
Craft Your Own Facebook Ads!
Learn in one of the most comprehensive and structured Facebook Marketing Courses in Singapore, where you get to pick up the important practical skills that can be easily applied to your Business Marketing Strategy and see actual results! During this fun and interactive 1 Day course, go hands-on and craft your very own advertisement for your digital marketing campaign!
Earn A Professional Certificate Within 1 Day
Next Level Singapore offers a selection of digital marketing, e-Commerce, and Branding courses for working professionals that want to earn a professional certificate. These strategies is to attract and retain customers & clients, increase revenues, and enhance reputation.
Certificate Criteria
Learners have to attend the entire course duration to receive the certificate. It serves as a written document that the learner is equipped with the necessary knowledge to create, implement, manage, and monitor successful business strategies.
  • Everything you need to know for running Facebook Ad Campaigns from scratch
  • Running profitable Facebook Marketing Campaigns And Instagram Ad Campaigns without over utilising the ‘Boost Post’ button
  • Lowering costs of campaigns by 200%-300% (Based on actual results from our previous learners) 
  • Building an online presence that reflects your brand and identity    
  • We have actual case studies with successful and proven results.
  • You can learn and implement immediately to get results in terms of sales and not just more ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ from your audiences.
  • Learn the best practices from the industry experts on what they will do when it comes to analysing Facebook Reports and Insights Data.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the various Facebook Marketing tools and variables such as Demographics, Behaviours, Audience Targeting, Bidding, Budget and More.
  • Set up your Facebook Pixel correctly from the very beginning to optimise and build audiences with effective advertising campaigns.
  • Stretch the capabilities and opportunities when it comes to targeting ‘Custom’ and ‘Lookalike’ Audiences.
  • Execute measurable and impactful marketing strategies that aligns with your business goals, drive ROI and grow real audience/ supporters.   
  • Get the most out of your budget by implementing strategic bidding concepts.
  • Leverage on retargeting campaigns to increase conversions through proper tracking of sales funnels.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion and add it to your profile to show that you have an accreditation for Facebook Marketing.

Course Modules

Sign Up For A Facebook Marketing Course To Move Your Business Forward

  • Gain advanced knowledge of the digital marketing landscape in 2020. Learn how businesses are done online today.
  • Learn why 2020 is the golden age of Facebook and Instagram and why you should start using it now.
  • Discover the proven ways to get your business found online in today’s noisy marketplace.
  • Describe your products/ services and answer accurately to the questions that site visitors are interested to know.
  • You can emphasize information with bullets or in italics/ bold word format.
  • Get hands-on guided lectures to create a simple website in 1 hour.
  • Learn the exact quick but effective rebranding strategies for yourself or your business.
  • Master techniques that make your brand look amazing for instant trust and credibility.
  • Understand the subtle differences between platforms and how to harness the correct sales and lead generation strategies on them.
  • Discover professional insider tools to profitably run Facebook Marketing campaigns and Instagram Ads.
  • Learn what leading e-commerce sellers are doing today & tap into these sales opportunities yourself.
  • Learn the latest 2020 techniques used to generate leads at a lower cost and more effectively for our clients.
  • Learn how to increase your total business customer lifetime value offline and online.
  • Get my exact profitable e-commerce funnel strategies that are working today in 2020.
  • Identify common but unknown pitfalls to avoid when going from offline to online.
  • Implement advanced analytics tools pro marketers are using to track, measure and optimise their marketing campaigns.
  • Learn data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Map out to the exact dollar how much your business will make 30 days from now.
  • Discover the 4 Strategies you should use right now to make sales for zero cost.
  • Learn how to subtly sell on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram so you do not repel potential customers away by being too pushy.

Prerequisite and Preparation

This Class Is Perfect For Personal Career Growth And Corporate Training

Who Should Sign Up?

Employees interested to brand themselves or their company online; Business owners & entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business sales; or Marketing professionals looking to stay relevant.

What Are Required?

This is an activity-based training. Basic computer knowledge is required. Please bring along your own laptop.

What To Prepare?

A demo Facebook account will be provided to you for practice. Otherwise, you may choose to use your own Facebook Ad account. After the course, you will earn a Certificate of Course Completion.

Maximise Your Results For Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

If you have the impetus to learn more, you will develop competencies for further exploration of your skills and strategies after attending our Digital Marketing Strategy Course.

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers have hands-on experience and their own case studies to share. You will obtain insider information and valuable resources that can help scale your business (even if it is not located in Singapore), when you enrol in our Facebook Marketing Course.

No Coding Required

No coding experience is required at all (phew)! This is one of the most beginner-friendly Facebook Marketing Course that you can find in Singapore. First, we work towards in building your basic foundation and then gradually train you with the more advanced processes and techniques.

Practical Strategies

This Facebook Marketing Course focuses less on theory and more on the hands on methods. You will be trained with result-driven Facebook Marketing strategies that are implementable, practical and useful in any business context.

Hands-On Sessions

The most effective methods that any Facebook Marketing Course can offer is to provide hand-ons training for their learners. We offer step-by-step training sessions so that you know exactly how to build your Marketing Strategy from scratch for all your campaigns.

Profitable Digital Marketing

You can learn from any Facebook Marketing Course, but sometimes, you just need to find the best person to ask an important question and bring your business to a whole new level. Our team is built upon a group of Singapore’s most knowledgeable and skillful experts in the industry with a track record to prove it.

After Lesson Help & Support

Help and support continues after completing this course! Even if you’re not physically in Singapore and you have a burning question about Facebook Marketing, you can still reach us! We provide our learners with guides and videos to reference throughout their journey of application!

Invest 1 Day In Yourself For The Most Valuable Facebook Marketing Skills And Knowledge!

Sign up and learn the latest Marketing Blueprint adopted by many successful business owners with our 1 Day Facebook Ads & Marketing Course Zero To Pro – Singapore SkillsFuture Claimable.

Course Registration

Be A Certified Facebook Marketing Professional


All Our Courses Are Conducted By Industry Experts

Our trainers are well-equipped to teach the latest online marketing strategies to help SMEs and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more customers, and grow their online presence.

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Please contact us directly if you have the following enquiries:
  • Corporate Training to be held at your office is possible, as long as it is in Singapore. 
  • Claim with your SkillsFuture Credits instantly! All our courses are Singapore SkillsFuture certified! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

General Information About a Facebook Marketing Course in Singapore

Facebook Marketing is also similar to Content Marketing where it involves gathering of useful information (in words/ videos/ graphics format) and distributing the information/ content via any marketing channel. The purpose of doing so is to shape your audience’s perception of your brand and influence purchase decision of your brand’s products and services. 

Social Media allows you to build relationships with ‘cold’ audiences through engagement. This means that you can promote your products and/ or services to anyone without making them feel uncomfortable. If your audience is newly exposed to your business, they may choose to ignore or find out more about you. No hard feelings or tension during the digital ‘sales-pitch’. 

For starters, you can share an interesting article on your page to break the ice with your audience. As your pool of audiences grow, you can maintain your relationships with them through interactions. For example, you can reply to their comment, share a story or create a discussion/ group/ events/ marketplace on your page! All in all, Facebook is a great platform for endless streams of leads if managed properly. 

When someone likes your Facebook Page, their engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc) on your page will be seen by their friends. Their friends will then notice your page and might even become your fans. As your pool of audiences grow, you can reach out to more potential customers with your products and services. 

Facebook indexes every profile in detail, including demographics and even psychographic variables. This makes it even easier to create your marketing campaign by including keywords to describe your target audience so that you can reach consumers based on their interests. Conceivably, you can maximise your leads conversion by creating a customized landing page for each of your Ads and audience segment. 

As growing your organic Facebook followers is slow with limited reach, businesses usually pay for Facebook Advertising Services in order to have their posts appear more on the Facebook platform. 

Fascinated? Sign up for our course to learn more!

Having an actual trainer that guides you during a hands-on training session, allows you to receive real-time feedback regarding any concerns or doubts that you might have. 

If you are already paying for the online courses, why not attend a course that is conducted by a Singapore industry expert? This way, you can obtain insights from them directly on what exactly did they do that make their Facebook marketing strategy so successful specifically in Singapore.    

You can check out the Digital Marketing Services and Video Marketing Services that Next Level Singapore has provided to its past clients. From Website Development to Social Media Management, you can contact us directly for further discussion on how we can be of service to you and your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Courses

As long as you are a Singapore citizen and above 25 years old, you will receive a $500 credit in your SkillsFuture account. This SkillsFuture credit is a form of encouragement from the Singapore Government for continuous lifelong learning. 

We strive to provide a top-notch educational experience for you with the best trainers and professionals. We are SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Approved but not accredited by Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) yet. This means that WSQ aid cannot be used in conjunction with our courses. 


As much as possible, we want to provide the best convenience for you but during rare occasions when constraints are encountered due to the number of registrants and classroom availability, the training venue might have changes.     


Requests made less than 48 hours of notice to transfer to another time slot or course will not be accommodated.  


The email confirmation that we send to you represents your seat(s) confirmation and receipt of successful payment. 


All materials that we provided are meant for the individual registrant’s exclusive use when he/ she attends the class. Recipients of our materials must not be scanned, copied, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use to others.  

We are more than glad to take in more talents and experts to join us! Unfortunately, we can only work with Singaporeans. 

You can showcase your skills and share with us on how you have successfully achieved results based on your own case studies. Some of the courses includes, but not limited to, business-related subjects such as Digital Marketing, E-Commerce or Social Media Marketing Courses. 

Please email us your detailed resume. We will assess your application within 14 days and contact you if you are shortlisted.

What Is So Different About Next Level Singapore's Facebook Marketing Course

This Facebook Marketing Course will be conducted in-person by our trainers who are certified industry professionals in Singapore to provide you with the real-time feedback that you need. 

In order to maximise the potential results that you can achieve, we work hard to constantly update this course with the latest Facebook Marketing Trends, News and Strategies.

The class size of this Facebook Marketing Course is purposefully catered for smaller groups to create the best learning environment and experience for you.

A Certificate of Course Completion is just a small encouragement to a bigger motivation! Apply your Facebook Marketing skills and we will provide the help and support you need even after completion of the course!  

It will be an added bonus if you are one of those Facebook Marketers in Singapore that knows coding. But even if you have zero experience, that is not an issue. As long as you know how to use the mouse to drag and drop, you will be able to pick up our Facebook Marketing strategies effortlessly

Whether your business is located in Singapore or overseas, this ‘Facebook Ads & Marketing Course Zero to Pro’ is specifically geared towards beginners where he/ she will learn through step-by-step hands-on training to build their Facebook Marketing Strategy from scratch. We will build your knowledge base up so that you will be able to get to the advanced level by the end of the course.

When it comes to an effective training methodology, we believe that any Facebook Marketing Course in Singapore should be conducted with hands-on application. Please bring your laptop so that you can learn and apply your knowledge during this course. That way, we can also immediately address any questions that you might have about Facebook Marketing.

Anyone who has a strong passion in Facebook Marketing and desires to continuously upgrade their skill sets are welcomed to join us. Having said that, this ‘Facebook Ads & Marketing Course Zero to Pro’ is conducted in English and it is important that you understand the entire course of training. As much as possible, our professional trainer will provide you with the guidance and support you need during the course.

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