Love to entertain an audience?

Passionate and eager to speak about your interests?

Ready to establish your presence as a livestreamer in Singapore?

This is for you! 

Ready t0 be a livestreamer?
G0 Next Level with us

At Next Level SG, we are taking on Singapore’s fast growing livestream industry.

Join us to be part of the upcoming generation of livestream talent in Singapore!

Supported by the Singapore Retailers Association and Enterprise Singapore, our new professional live selling agency serves merchants in the industries of retail, beauty, F&B and lifestyle, engaging brands such as Asus, Razor, Mercedes and more.

Strengthen Y0ur Branding

Gain exposure through our platform and become a pioneer in Singapore Live Retail

Build Y0ur F0ll0wing

Increase your followers and enjoy more traffic to your pages

Gr0w With Us

Gain a share of product sales, and the opportunity to hone your skills as a host


The ability to entertain and engage a live audience

Knowledge and passion for a category of products

An understanding of concepts used to host a livestream

An engaged following that you can gather to watch you go live


Most frequent questions and answers

Live sessions will be conducted at our very own studio (7500A, #05-320 Beach Rd, The Plaza, 199591). Some live streams will be held at the client’s stores, subject to the client’s needs. 

As a livestream host, you will be required to:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the respective brand, product and its USPs
  2. Communicate well with our clients to understand their product, requirements and the expectations for the livestream, and for you to ask any questions you might have
  3. Be punctual and responsible

Depends on your individual portfolio, as well as the clients’ budget. Do sign up with us so that we can communicate about this further! 

No worries as we will match the host to the client according to both the host and client’s needs. For example, if the client is selling clothes and targeting customers of ages 30-40 years old, we will match it with a host that both fits the age group and has expressed interest in selling clothes. Therefore, we need you to provide us with your niche area/area of interest for live-selling.

Sign Up as a Live Influencer

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