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After working with thousands of businesses in Singapore, our team of specialists have noticed a common trend that sets low growth businesses apart from high growth ones.

The answer to growing rapidly is franchising your model, and at Next Level Singapore, we have the streamlined methods that are implementable for any business! 

Businesses are killed by Traditional Growth Strategies, Is Your Business One Of Them?

  1. Businesses that create winning products, services, or offering a specific expertise.
  2. Businesses that build customers organically and slowly. For example, they rely on referrals, old, and outdated business growth techniques.
  3. Businesses that take years to get customer traction and a long period of time to build up their brand because of low budgets.
  4. Businesses that take years to open more new stores or expand to other locations due to cashflow problems.
  5. Businesses that cannot keep up with the market changes and innovations. As a result, the business is either dying a slow death or totally disrupted by the popularity of Grab, Alibaba and other online giants. 
  1. The business has to be dependant on customer’s revenue to sustain. 
  2. The business has no cashflow to expand.
  3. The business does not have the ability to attract and retain good talent.
  4. The business is susceptible to copycats or employees will start their own business and become a competitor.
  5. The business would not allow the owner to retire because it would stop immediately without the owner. 
  6. The business environment is usally low of energy and lack of motivation for the team to work. This is because the whole operation and processes have always been the same for many years.
  7. The business is extremely slow and it is a painful process to compete with others in the market. This is especially the case for a business that only consist just the owner and a small team.

Why Franchise?

With Global Players Like Grab, Small Businesses Will Struggle.

The issues that arise from traditional business growth strategies are what small businesses owners are facing in the current market. The sad truth is, these business owners did not do anything wrong to get to where they are now. All business owners will work hard and do their best to fight the market for survival. If opportunities arise, the business can grow. But if doesn’t, the business remains stagnant.  

How often does opportunities knock on your door?

Unfortunately, the market now is a harsh world. It is not enough to be hardworking to build a small business anymore. With global players like Grab that are funded with billions of dollars, small businesses will struggle.

We have the solution for this emerging issue!

A team of result driven social media experts working for your project!

How We Can Help?

Helping You Make Informed Decisions About Franchising And Driving Your Business Performance


Our strategy is a strong mix of time-tested stable fundamentals with digital marketing and technology integration.

We build companies that are IPO viable and can last BEYOND the original founder or business owner.

We use systems and external funding strategies so that we do not limit company growth based on your next customer sale or the cash-flow of your family and friends.

Our team has successfully turned stagnant businesses into franchised and IPO super-brands.

Unlock The Digital Growth And Utilise The Investor Funded Highway Strategy.

Franchising is a hyper growth tool for businesses that are facing stagnation and growing competition. Think of the biggest brands in Singapore, and you cannot escape franchising as a growth strategy.

Done well, it can mean the difference between an IPO and a slow gruelling climb of your business that might end up facing giant competitors that have scaled before you.

Our track record has proven this fact over the last 10 years. We have been on the side of being the industry giant which has eaten up its competitors by sheer speed of growth.

We do it with a combination of 3 things:

Franchising to use investors' money and lower the risk of the business owner and founder.

Proper exit planning, systemisation and documentation to ensure high company valuation.

Who Are Our Consultants?

We Are The Knowledge Center For Anyone Seeking Information On Franchising.

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Work with Our Chief Franchise Consultant, Mr Ben Ang and His Business Growth Experts!

Lead Consultant for Franchising/Business Growth MBA, Southern Cross University

Ben Ang has a uniquely qualified background in all aspects of business ownership and management to candidates for franchise ownership. With a deep business experience, Ben was a COO, CBO, Executive Director and General Manager.

Ben is passionate about helping businesses to make the right decisions and how entrepreneurs can go into business. Together, he will be guiding you through the process of setting your criteria, matching them to a franchise that is the perfect fit for your personal goals. Subsequently, Ben will also be supporting you through due diligence and business launch to set you up for success through the entire franchise ownership. 
  • Chief Business Development Office — Training Vision Institute
  • Chief Operation Officer — Global Wellness group 
  • Chief Business Officer — Singapore Medical Specialist Centre Group (MWH) 
  • Chief Business Officer — MindChamps Holdings —franchise and set up 100+ preschool, enrichment centres, medical clinics, allied care centres and involved in international school project 
  • Executive Director — Singapore Sports Council for the Disable 
  • GM/Director for Sports – Singapore Recreation Club 
  • Sports Officer —Singapore Polytechnic 
  • National Service — Commando Leader

Senior Franchise Consultant

Peter Lai graduated with a BA (Honours) degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK In 1980. He obtained his MA (fantail) in 1983. He is also a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst accreditation.
Peter has more than 38 years of experience in investment banking, treasury management, asset management, corporate finance and teaching. His career spans from being an investment officer in a central bank, a foreign exchange dealer in a local bank, managing director of a global stockbroking firm to regional market manager of a regional private bank and CEO of an asset manager for a real estate investment trust.

Peter was also formerly an Adjunct Associate Professor in the NUS Business School and the Director-in-Residence with the Saw Centre for Financial Studies. He also lectured in Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Sun Yet Sen University in Guangzhou China. For the past 15 years, Peter sits or the Management and Academic Board of the East Asia School of Business, and contributed to the development of the private university in Singapore.

Over the past 20 years. Peter has sat on the boards of more than 20 publicly-listed companies in Hong Kong, London, Malaysia and Singapore. As an adviser and board director of charities and private equity funds, Peter has been involved in the management of more than US$551 billion of assets in the global markets.

  • Member of the Inquiry Committee of the Singapore Law Society
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the CFA Digest
  • Deputy Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Char Tong Foundation
  • Member of the Academic and Management Board, East Asia School of Business
  • Lead independent director of DelOng Holdings Ltd
  • Chairman of PureCircle (Jiangxi) Inc.
  • Chairman of Transcorp Holdings

What Are The Advantages Of Building a Franchise Business?

Franchising Allow You To Forge Strong Relationships With Like-Minded Businesses. It's an Effective Growth Strategy!

To you, this translates to a ready customer base that will patronize a brand they have already come to love. There’s no need to experiment about what works or not because everything is laid out for you.

Some franchises cost just a fraction of what you would normally spend if you start from scratch. Building a premium preschool on your own for example, may cost anywhere from $700,000 to $1,000,000, while a preschool franchise costs lesser as you dont have to recruit the curriculum team and supporting staff 1 year in advance.

Franchising companies want to ensure that their formula for success will be replicated in each of their franchisees. Thus, they offer help, training and support when you ask for it or whenever they deem necessary.

Interested franchisors are aware that overlapping territories affect the performance and profitability of their franchises. They conduct researches about the population of a certain area as well as the demographics of target customers prior to awarding it to a franchisee. They also calculate probable sales according to the results of their research.

When the going gets tough, startups run to investors for additional funds. When investors have to choose between an independent startup and a franchisee, they will choose a franchisee. Why? It’s because a franchisee belongs to a system that has been proven in terms of profitability and stability.

Experts say marketing expenditures average at 10% of a company’s gross annual profit. That 10% may be affordable to huge corporations, but not to a startup like you who’s still trying to recoup your investment. Not if you belong to a franchise. The franchisor only collects a small percentage for hiring marketing professionals, creation of promotional materials, advertisements, etc.

Innovation is one of the keys to capturing the attention of modern consumers. You don’t have something new, you don’t have business. Yes, you can do innovations on your own, but that would mean investing a great deal of your time, effort and resources. A franchise, on the other hand, has a department dedicated to creating innovations for the benefit of all franchisees. Thus you have the advantage of continuing innovation without lifting a finger.

Being an entrepreneur is filled with uncertainties.  You might make your first million or lose several millions. Not when you’re a franchisee. The calculated risk has been studied by the franchisor and  they will be there to guide you through.

In case you wish to exit, you have better chances of selling your business. Remember that a franchise has an established business model in place, making it a desirable acquisition for others who would like to take the franchise route.

There are many reasons for the high success rate of a franchise model. Persuading a franchisee to use your brand isn’t rocket science. Franchisees do not like trial and error. They want a proper system to follow. Your business model has to be proven and secure. 

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