Social Media Marketing For Retail Businesses

We run your Social Media Marketing for you so you can focus on growing and scaling the business


Transforming Social Media Marketing For Singapore Businesses

Over the last 2 years we have absolutely transformed the way Singaporean businesses have done business by using Social Media Marketing, specifically with Facebook and Instagram ads.

We have a track record of over $2,000,000+ deployed on Social Media for clients in a variety of niches and we have now optimised our formulas and strategies to extract consistent, strong ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for a specific type of sector and business.

This category sees campaigns that are doing 5X-18X return! We even had an outlier campaign that did 41X ROAS. That is $41,000 by spending just $1,000 online on ads.

Just look at how we generated 2,304 website purchases over 6 months with only about $2,000+ per month in ad spend.

We stay ahead of the game as we run our own campaigns alongside our clients’ to always stay updated on the latest changes businesses encounter and how to best overcome them.

We are a Meta Business Partner and Our Social Media Specialists are Facebook Blueprint Certified which gives us an edge in building strategies from the ground up to execution, implementation and analysis of results and optimisation.

We Are Talking About B2C Retail Product Businesses

We are now completely focusing on this particular category of business because we see the HUGE, explosive growth that can be generated in this sector.

We are talking about B2C product businesses with retail shops.

But Sir….. Isn’t this a very competitive sector?

Yes it is, and it hasn’t been easy. We were all taken by surprise when COVID hit. Then Facebook and Instagram ads took a huge hit with multiple updates. When the recovery came the ad costs increased like crazy.

We had to innovate and test out different Social Media Marketing strategies every week. From live streaming, to video marketing, to TikTok and 100s of e-commerce A/B tests later.

We have come up with a Facebook marketing strategy that has grown our clients business and allowed them to take away the pain of running Facebook ads and Instagram ads themselves.

The Social Media Marketing Innovation Cadence

Our underlying strategy as a Social Media Marketing agency is that we have to keep innovating with our clients. We have came up with a proprietary Social Media Marketing strategy called The Social Media Marketing Innovation Cadence.

It uses the best in class Social Media Marketing hacks we developed by combining the art (Design, videos and live streaming) with science (Data analytics, e-commerce website optmisation and ad scaling).

Rediscover your target audience

In order to fully understand your buyer persona, we will work together with you to determine who makes up your target audience. Then we move to the next step which is to build an effective campaign that is appealing to your target audience and ideal buyers.

Results driven team of experts

Posting and sharing on your Social Media is meaningless without tracking its performance. When you work with us, your Social Media Marketing campaigns will constantly be monitored. This is where we can assess the your marketing campaigns overall performance.

More focus on the business

The digital world is always changing extremely fast. We understand that business owners like you are busy and we want to help take the Social Media Marketing load off your mind. Our team will be adjusting and adapting your marketing strategy based on new trends and research.

Here's What We Guarantee

In fact, we are so confident in this particular strategy that we are willing to give you a 30% sales guarantee. We will grow your website revenue by 30% in the next 2-3 months.

The reason we give this type of guarantee is because we only want to work with clients we can grow and scale with in the long term anyway.

Of course, this strategy won’t work for everyone, because we are looking for a specific type of business and client that has the potential to grow and scale FAST.

These are the industries that we work really well with:

Women's Apparels

Return on Ad Spend: 16.89x


Return on Ad Spend: 16.44x

Children's Apparels

Return on Ad Spend: 12.48x

Home & Living

Return on Ad Spend: 6.10x

Men's Apparels

Return on Ad Spend: 5.69x


Return on Ad Spend: 4.04x

What Businesses Suit Our Social Media Marketing Services Most

We are currently focusing ONLY on clients that we believe we can help.

If this resonates with you, we would love to see how we can become a long term growth partner to your company. We want to make sure that we are able to give you the highest probability of success and that both our time, effort and resources are invested well.

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