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Allocating resources into digital to diversity lead generation opportunity



The adult education and consultancy organisation engaged us to kickstart their digital campaigns and we achieved a return on ad spend of 12.8x with $197,813 ad spend in 3 months.

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Adult Education & Consultancy

As a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore, their approach is based on maximising every individual’s potential through applied knowledge, best practices and innovative mindsets. They operate five training centres island-wide with the mission of making training and education accessible to all.

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Opening up Digital Channel to Convert More Students

After years of running traditional roadshows and pop-up booths to sustain their revenue, they wanted to test drive leveraging on digital marketing platforms, to not only increase their digital presence but also lead generation. Prior to engaging Next Level, they have hired multiple digital agencies but were unable to achieve satisfactory results.


Full fledged lead generation strategy

  • Introduction of higher education programme suites to the masses 
  • Introducing short courses for PMETs
  • Strengthening ad scent between online and offline marketing collaterals 
  • In-depth research on intended target audience of each programme and creating a niche interest targeting for respective programmes 
  • A/B testing between human-talent images & graphic-only images to determine which is able to perform better for different programme ads 
  • Utilising the Facebook dynamic creative feature to conduct a split test on the variety of images, headlines and ad copy to scientifically test the different combinations
  • Built a strong database of lookalike audiences based on successful conversions to increase the outreach of Facebook audiences for people likely to convert 
  • Designing a process to ensure the leads generated are captured in real-time, and a WhatsApp message automation system placed to send the information of the sign-ups to the respective sales person of each programme
  • Integrated Revenue Operations (RevOps) strategy to integrate Marketing, Sales and Customer Success that brought in additional $2million in revenue


More results at fraction of the cost

The various tests and optimisations were successfully executed as we continued to work on finding the right formula that worked for each programme, improving the overall performance from ensuring the right people were seeing the ads, to building up to a healthy click-through rate and ultimately generating more leads for the institution while leveraging on Facebook’s learning algorithm and various features.

  • Total ad spend: $197,813.45

  • Total lead count: 10,351

  • Total revenue: $2,522,154.70

  • Time period: 3 months

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