Training Vision Instutite

Allocating resources into digital to diversity lead generation opportunity



The adult education and consultancy organisation engaged us to kickstart their digital campaigns and we achieved a return on ad spend of 11.7x with just $4,068 ad spend in 42 days.

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Adult Education & Consultancy

Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading adult education and consultancy organisation based in Singapore. Founded in 1991, their approach is based on maximising every individual’s full potential through applied knowledge, best practices and innovative mind-sets.

They operate five training centres island-wide to help in our mission of making training and education accessible to all.

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Opening up Digital to Convert More Students

TVI wanted to test if they can leverage on digital marketing to not only increase digital presence, but also lead generation. Before engaging us, they have been running roadshows to sustain their revenue. TVI has hired multiple digital agency but were not able to achieve satisfactory results.


Get the technicals right

More audience groups were created in the Facebook campaign to widen the search based on existing conversion data. This helps to give Facebook more room and also reach out to newer audience.

We made use of Facebook Dynamic Creative feature to split test the variety of images, headlines and copy to scientifically test the different combinations. 

Retargeting ads were created to convince website visitors to sign up for free assessment by showcasing past testimonial.

Target CPA was our choice of bid strategy for Google search ads as it provides more control on the costing, and allow us to leverage on huge past data and Google AI algorithm.

We filtered the search term report daily to look for negative keywords and add relevant keywords from past data.



More results at fraction of the cost

The optimizations were successful as we work on the technicals to improve overall set-up for simplicity, leveraging on machine learning algorithms and scientific split testing.

  • $9,931 reduction in monthly ad spend
  • 2X more leads
  • 73% lower in cost per lead

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