Getting your $1M-$3M Business to $5M-$10M Per Year Is Our Focus And Specialty

And we do this through the element of Consistent, Predictable Quantity & Quality of Leads.

"Growing a business is insanely tough if you do not have a consistent and predictable way of getting leads and closing them."

Majority of businesses around $1 million – $3 million in annual revenue struggle with lead quality and generating sales out of digital channels because they do what everyone in the market does.

Getting leads in digital marketing now is Easy.

Actually any polytechnic or university graduate could probably watch a bunch of YouTube videos and get you leads (like the ones below).

Play Video
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Yes, leads are coming in but the question is "What is the lead quality still so bad?"

Getting leads and customers who are qualified and who are actually engaged with your business is where your sales can really take off.

Understanding The MISSING Link

The missing link between growing a $1 million – $3 million per year business to a $5 – 10 million per year business is …

01. Consistent Flow

Having $100K revenue last month and only $40k this month is definitely not a good feeling. What you want is a consistency that can outrun everyone else.

02. Predictable Quantity

You don't just want a consistent flow, but also a sizable quantity that fits your current business. Do you have enough sales staff to take in huge number of leads?

03. High Quality

Junk leads are detrimental to the morale of your team. They now have to spend even more time with the increased quantity. We have to provide potential CUSTOMERS-to-be.

Here Are Our Results


You have to not only increase the amount of leads but you have to be able to come up with a system to close them predictably.

All of this while running your business operations, HR, accounting, customer service, motivate your employees and more.

You Probably Have Tried...

Doing It Yourself

Per month 

Cheapest option, but also one that takes the most time

Hiring Interns

Per month 

Good if you want to have certain level of control, but who is going to train them?

Hiring External Agency

Per month 

Are they doing the work? Why are the leads not converting into sales??

It started all excited and full of expectation but yet within a few months you realise that their weekly social media posting or “boosting of post/ads” is just not giving you the momentum that is required to push your business forward.

To be fair, they probably generated leads for you, it could be even a lot of leads. The problem is not about the volume of leads, is it? It is everything that happens AFTER the lead has come in.

It probably is not their fault because everyone in digital marketing is trained to GET a lead but they are not specialised in getting the SALE which is what the business owner really wants.
We come across business after business at the $1 – 10 million mark which have previous campaigns that are getting them leads but not getting them predictable and consistent SALES.

If you DO NOT ever want spend time thinking about social media ads again

it means you understand the value of your time, check out some of our case studies below.

Digital Marketing Ad For New Launch

Client: Top division real estate producer looking to acquire leads through Digital Marketing efforts

Ad Spend: $6,451.31

ROI: 50+ Appointments Set, 7 Properties Sold, Inc. New Launch 10 Pending Cases, Commission Earned $130,000++

training provider facebook ads

Client: A Higher Education Institute looking to acquire leads for their programme

Ad Spend: $1,208.55

ROI: $40,000+ with 287 leads in 1 month


Client: Visa & Immigration company looking to generate leads

Lifetime Ad Spend: $870,912

ROI: 864 Leads Generated, 3.73x lower Cost Per Lead

Digital Marketing For Service Wellness Ad

Client: Full service wellness provider looking to increase brand awareness / leads for their new luxury brand

Ad Spend: $2,418.44

ROI: 61 Leads Generated $12,122 Worth of Packages Sold


Let’s be real here, expertise doesn’t come cheap, for me to hire talented locals that have a skillset that can produce massive results in a business, I have to pay them an attractive package to keep the entire team running.
My fixed expenses are really high, and that’s okay only because we work with the top 10% of business in each industry.
The top 10% have the ability to make a higher ROI, because they are businesses that are high margin and scalable. Even with a high agency fee like ours.

We have optimised over $100,000 of advertising spend in the last year or so.

business manager ad spent
google ads performance

If you’ve read this far you are either love me because I am describing your business accurately or you hate me because you are a competitor.

Either way, I wish you all the best in the coming year, and if you ever want to work with an agency that can scale your business, fill up the application so that we can start working out the strategy to bring you to the Next Level.

it means you understand the value of your time, check out some of our case studies below.

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