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Social Media has become an important online platform for network development to enhance your business brand awareness. Ever wondered how to advertise by using creative ads strategy into Social Media marketing or Facebook marketing to push your brand to the masses?

Been struggling in using Social Media to take your business future to the next level? Fear not, We are the professional digital marketing agency in Singapore that offers top quality Social Media Marketing Services. With tested and proven case studies , we are ready to take your business to the next level.

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Work with a Full-Service Social Media and Facebook Marketing Agency in Singapore today.

Social Media Marketing Services

With an in-house team of videographers, digital marketers and copywriters, our team is ready to serve the needs of your business.

Next Level Singapore operates as your full-service Social Media and Facebook Marketing agency. We bring the latest social media trends, strategies, and winning advice to you. You will never have to worry about lack of time, attention, or resources to keep up with the dynamic internet world. We are here to ensure that you and your business are always updated.

Next Level Singapore offers more than a typical Facebook Marketing Agency

What better place is there to market your business with a whopping 2.414 billion active monthly Facebook users? Facebook is a platform that continually update new features for content sharing, like Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Live, and stories.
We pledge to stay on top of the latest Facebook’s updates just like the other Facebook Marketing Agencies, so that we can utilize our best resources for your business.

Real Results. Real ROI.

Our Client's Successes

Digital Marketing Ad For New Launch

Real Estate

Client: Top division real estate producer looking to acquire leads through Digital Marketing efforts

Ad Spend: $6,451.31

ROI: 50+ Appointments Set, 7 Properties Sold, Inc. New Launch 10 Pending Cases, Commission Earned $130,000++

Digital Marketing For Gym Fitness Ad

Gym Franchise

Client: A gym franchise looking to increase brand awareness / engagement for Fall & Winter Season

Ad Spend: US$80,000

ROI: 2.78x More Engagement, 1.68x More Leads Generated

Digital Marketing For Financial Investor Ad

Financial Investor

Client: Financial investor with proprietary system looking to increase membership sign up through a live event (preview)

Ad Spend: $4,871.14

ROI: 155 Leads Generated, $36,000 Worth of Membership Sold

Digital Marketing For Service Wellness Ad

Wellness Provider

Client: Full service wellness provider looking to increase brand awareness / leads for their new luxury brand

Ad Spend: $2,418.44

ROI: 61 Leads Generated $12,122 Worth of Packages Sold

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

Next Level Singapore is an experienced, professional, and reputable Social Media and Facebook Marketing agency based in Singapore. We believe in keeping communication open with all of our clients so as to ensure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and information on our efforts and results. 

In order to fully understand your buyer persona, we will work together with you to determine who makes up your target audience. Then we move to the next step which is to build an effective campaign that is appealing to your target audience and ideal buyers.

Once your ideal and target audience is properly defined, our Social Media Specialist will propose an effective social media marketing roadmap to reach your audience.

Posting, sharing and blasting information on your Social Media platforms are meaningless without tracking its performance. When you work with us, your marketing campaigns will be constantly monitored and tracked. This is where we can assess the overall performance of the campaign.

The digital world is always changing and it changes extremely fast. We understand that business owners like you are busy and we want to help take that ‘social media’ load of your mind.  Our Social Media Specialist will be adjusting and adapting your marketing strategy based on new trends, research, and resources. 

We believe that a successful social media marketing strategy is one that is adaptable in the digital world and leaves room for improvement. In order for us to shape a better marketing roadmap for you, key data analytics and tracking tools are extremely important to us.  As we continue to adjust and adapt to trends, new technology, and updates, we strive to ensure your business is always placed in the best position. 

Next Level New Logo

With all the different social media platforms, where does your business fit in?

Next Level Singapore helps you get in front of your desired audience.

We are extremely dedicated and committed when it comes to planning, creating, building and implementing effective social media marketing campaigns for all our clients. Our core focus is to retain your audience, increase brand awareness and also boost your marketing campaigns’ return on investments.

If you are currently looking for a full-service Social Media and Facebook Marketing agency in Singapore that has proven results and will work with your business goals in mind, contact our team today.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We ensure the SUCCESS of your Social Media Marketing Campaign

social media marketing services

Leave your Social Media Marketing to The Professionals

Everybody loves Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. However, do you know how to market your business on Social Media?
As a professional digital marketing agency, we provide solutions catered specifically for your business. Every business owner is occupied with managing their business. You should be focusing on developing your product or service, in order to continue building your brand. That is why you should leave your social media marketing to the professionals. 

Building Awareness For Your Brand

According to research, customers have to come in contact with your brand for a minimum of 7 times before they decide to finally buy your product. At the brand awareness stage, you usually want to present your brand to prospective customers. It is critical that you capture the prospective customer's attention, so that they will continue to consume your content.

Acquiring Interests From Your Customers

In order to create an effective hook for consumers to consume your content, you want to make sure you have a compelling offer for prospective customers. At this stage, offering something free will likely help to reduce the amount of perceived risk that your prospective customer has towards your brand. Depending on your industry, the nature of the free offer could vary. For instance, if one is conducting a paid property investing seminar, one would offer a free workshop to educate the prospective customer on how to buy a property with no down payment. This would further entice sign-ups to the free preview, before the customer considers to buy the paid program.

Allow Customers To Consider Your Brand

At this stage, your customer is ready to buy from your brand. How do you finally convert a warm prospective customer? By leveraging re-targeting advertisements, you will be able to let your advertisements be seen by warm customers who are ready to buy. As a result, your customers will be more likely to convert! There are multiple ways to performing re-targeting advertisements. One popular way is to install Facebook Pixel on your website.

Build Your Social Branding

What kind of branding should you portray to these existing customers in order to sustain their loyalty to your brand? This is where we formulate a strategy for your brand to ensure coherent messaging is delivered.

If You Are Looking For Business Growth

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