Professional Live Streaming Production

Our team specialises in creating memorable and engaging live streams, with more than 250+ livestreams in 6 months.


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Work With A Shopee Certified Partner Agency

As our client, you get a huge advantage when going live with us, because we have a reputation and following on Shopee. Some of the perks include :

Being on TOP of all the other live streams when we go live

Brand exposure on Shopee live streams coming soon tab

Pre-live post on our Facebook, Instagram and Shopee feed

Notification to our 7,000 active fans when we go live

Concurrent live streams to yours and our page

Brand shoutouts by our regular hosts before you go live

Supercharge Your Brand

Supercharge and boost your brands professional look while increasing sales through our expert team, specialised equipment and process.

Multi Camera Live Stream

Create dynamic live stream flow with multi camera when you do zoom-ins, demonstrations, host/presenter mode, portrait/social viewing modes and more.

Omni Platform & Omni Channel Live Stream

Stream to multiple pages on Shopee and Facebook all at the same time. Benefit from our following combined with your brand pages for assured maximum reach.

Equipped Studio Live Stream

Battle tested studio setup that has gone through 300+ live streams with latest optimal live stream experience and full green screen capabilities.

Get Featured On Get This Live

With a combined following of over 7,000 on our Get This Live Channels with 150-900 people live with us depending on how exciting your product launch is.

Results We’ve Generated

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Business Growth With Shopee And Facebook Live 

Real-time Engagement

Make your brand more meaningful and memorable to your customers.

Broaden Your Reach

Broaden your reach to more people that don’t know your brand yet.

Repurpose Your Footage

Multiply your brand’s reach with multiple content.

What You’ll Get

Develop Live Stream Strategy
  • Develop offer according to buyer psychology
  • Determining livestream objective
  • Placement methodology and selection
  • Campaign concept brainstorming


Pre-Live Preparation
  • Host booking and confirmation
  • Product and promotion preparation
  • Program flow
  • Community management preparation
  • Event shoutout
Live Stream Production
  • Manpower arrangement
  • Equipment and stream setup
  • Cross-posting
  • Host briefing and scripting
  • Live stream execution
Post Live Stream
  • Post live stream report
  • Future live stream recommendations

We Also Help You GROW Your Shopee Store Sales Consistently

Discover how we grew this fruit store brand from $30 per day to $2,000+ per day in sales.
We started with getting huge brand awareness from Shopee Live, sending them traffic from our 3,000 follower Get This Live audience base.
You can see the immediate surge of sales from the livestream. It increased their sales to $300 per day from $30 per day.

Notice that the sales continued with ups and downs.

After the first livestream we also started to run Shopee ads and promotions.

This allowed us to keep increasing the sales and grew the regular customers of the brand.

Finally once we continued to do regular livestreams and optimized their ads, they achieved outstanding results.

The client then asked us to turn off the ads and stop the livestreams because their delivery people could not catch up with orders.

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