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Bugis, Singapore

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E-commerce has boomed over the last few years and it has never been a better time to set up your very own online store in Singapore. 
Take Qoo10 for example. This mega online marketplace was launched in June 2010 by Mr Ku Young Bae, the founder of Qoo10. Being headquartered in Singapore, Qoo10 rapidly expanded its market to the South-East Asia countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, China and Indonesia. 
Fast forward to now, there are more than 13.4 million monthly visits to Qoo10. According to AsiaOne, Qoo10 has taken the Lead in Singapore’s E-commerce Market by holding the most Market Share at 32.6% of the Singapore Online Retail. This puts Qoo10 ahead of other key players like Amazon and Apple.
That being said, why not learn directly from an E-Commerce Course in Singapore (like ours) that has helped many learners set up their online store within 1 day from Zero to Launch. 


About Our E-Commerce Marketing Course

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Next Level Singapore is one of the few training providers that offer a E-Commerce Course in Singapore that is developed by a successful entrepreneur who owns her online store since the emergence and growth of the E-Commerce in Singapore.  Her results? She has sold over 50,000 (as of 2017) products and built her own raving fan base for her business!
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Exclusive Insights Just For Our Learners!
Our E-Commerce Short Course are conducted by industry experts! They will share with you how they set up a highly-scalable online store with the latest technology out there in the market. Familiarize yourself with the different online practices and business strategies from a E-Commerce Course that is designed to increase the visibility, accessibility and competitiveness of your business. This way, you can be sure that you are either on par or ahead of your competitors! 
Earn A Professional Certificate Within 1 Day
Next Level Singapore offers a selection of digital marketing, e-Commerce, and Branding courses for working professionals that want to earn a professional certificate. These strategies is to attract and retain customers & clients, increase revenues, and enhance reputation.
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Certificate Criteria
Learners have to attend the entire course duration to receive the certificate. It serves as a written document that the learner is equipped with the necessary knowledge to create, implement, manage, and monitor successful business strategies.
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  • How to set up an E-commerce store complete with products in one day.
  • How to find the best selling products out there in the market.
  • How to make sure you will be profitable selling that product BEFORE you purchase stock.
  • How to get your first customer even when you do not have any stocks on hand.
  • How to get suppliers to help you deliver your stocks.
  • How to maximize profits with keeping stocks.
  • Which shipping to use.
  • Where to find suppliers.
  • How to handle orders.
  • How to handle customers.
  • Identify emerging trends and Case Studies that have been launched successfully. 
  • Learn from the industry experts for visual designs, content tips and best practices.
  • Access the key factors that contributes to a successful and unsuccessful Online Store in Singapore.  
  • Understand the Fundamentals of E-Commerce concepts including the various available solutions that aligns with your Business Goals, drive ROI and grow real audiences/ supporters.   
  • Create a Customer Value Proposition from the very beginning so as to ensure a sustainable growth of sales consistently.
  • Stretch the capabilities and opportunities of selling your products using effective pricing and monetisation strategies.
  • Execute measurable and impactful consumer experience using data analytics. 
  • Understand the risk management within the E-Commerce context so as to minimise the impact of potential emerging issues.
  • Monitor and adjust your business roadmap to improve your sales performance based on your revenue goals.
  • Receive a ‘Certificate of Completion for a E-Commerce Course in Singapore’ and add it to your business profile to increase the credibility of your business.   

Course Modules

Learn To Build A Highly Successful Online E-Commerce Business Store

  • Profit Clarity
  • The hot product opportunity criteria
  • Picking the profitable product to sell
  • Immersion Strategy
  • The psychology of traffic
  • Ideal customer avatar
  • How to eliminate competition
  • Pricing
  • Packaging
  • Positioning
  • Your Viable Product
  • Keyword data research
  • Finding suppliers
  • Product design and packaging
  • Frontend and Backend Hands On Session
  • Understanding e-commerce process
  • Set up your website
  • Find the best website templates/ themes
  • Payment options
  • Shipping options
  • Promotion options
  • Setup product
  • How to create a listing from scratch
  • Setup payment methods
  • Setup shipping methods
  • Setup promotion
  • What are sales triggers
  • How to build a sales machine
  • Product list building
  • Remarketing
  • Boost customer engagement
  • How to setup 0pt-in offer
  • Optimize listing

Prerequisite and Preparation

Get The Skills And Insight To Drive The Marketing Change Today

Who Should Sign Up?

Business owners (especially SMEs); Bloggers/Influencers; Marketers; Advertising Managers; Businesses; or Corporations

What are Required?

This course requires attendees to bring their own laptop. Attendees must possess basic computer knowledge.

What to Prepare?

Prior experience in Coding or Digital Marketing is not required. Please feel free to approach the trainers with the questions that you had prepared before hand.

About The E-Commerce Industry In Singapore

According to eShopworld, Currently, there are about 3.12 million E-Commerce users in Singapore and it is expected to rise with an additional 998,000 online shopping visitors by 2021.

  • The age range and percentage of Singaporeans that log on to an online store everyday consists of 16 to 24 year-olds at 95%, 25 to 34 year-olds at 98%, 35 to 44 year-olds at 92%, 45 to 54 year-olds at 86% and over 55 year-olds at 78%. This shows how tech-savvy that Singaporeans are. 
  • When it comes to online shopping, 74% of Singaporean shoppers use credit cards and bank transfer. Other popular payment options includes cash-on-delivery, direct debit and eNETS.
  • As the total Ad spend hits 1.9 billion USD in 2017, the amount that is invested on Ads have never drop since then. This trend forces advertisers in Singapore to put in more efforts in Digital Marketing so as to compete in the aggressive market. 
  • The internet penetration in Singapore will grow to 84.8% by 2021 from the current rate at 79%.
Source: eShopworld

A E-Commerce Short Course For Busy Business Owners

If you have the impetus to learn more, you will develop competencies for further exploration of your skills and strategies after attending our E-Commerce Short Course.

Experienced Trainers

All our trainers have experienced their own successes and they have their own case studies to share. Whether you are selling your products to Singapore or world-wide, the insider information and valuable resources that you gain from this E-Commerce Short Course will help you scale your business.

No Coding Required

Some E-Commerce Courses in Singapore may require you to have basic Coding knowledge but not ours. We believe that a strong basic foundation is essential for any learners to acquire first before proceeding to the more advanced processes and techniques.

Practical Strategies

This course is one of the least theory-based E-Commerce Courses in Singapore that you can find! You will be trained with the latest E-Commerce strategies that are result-driven, implementable, practical and useful in any business context.

Hands-On Sessions

It is known that many learners would prefer to sign up with a E-Commerce Course in Singapore that offers hands-on training. Our beginner-friendly course will allow you to know exactly how you can build your online store in Singapore from scratch.

Profitable Digital Marketing

You can sign up for any E-Commerce Courses in Singapore and learn without asking any questions. But sometimes, asking important questions can bring your business to a whole new level. Come and learn from a team of knowledgeable and skillful experts in the Industry with a track record to prove it.

After Lesson Help & Support

Our E-Commerce Short Course does not just end after the training session. We offer help & support, guides & videos to reference throughout your journey of application. You can always reach out to us whenever you have a burning question about E-Commerce!

Don’t Get Left Behind with Outdated E-Commerce Marketing Strategies!

Sign up and learn the latest Marketing Blueprint adopted by many successful business owners with our 1 Day E-Commerce Course – Singapore SkillFuture Claimable. 

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This E-Commerce Course Is Conducted By Industry Experts.

Our trainers are well-equipped to teach the latest online marketing strategies to help SMEs and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more customers, and grow their online presence

Please contact us directly if you have the following enquiries:

Corporate Training 
We offer an extensive range of comprehensive and structured courses that are specifically tailored for corporate businesses. Share with us your organisation’s training needs and we will get back to you with the best training options.   
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

General Information About a E-Commerce Course in Singapore

E-Commerce was first introduced to the world as electronic commerce and internet commerce. It is a platform where money and data are transferred during the transaction of purchasing and selling of goods or services on the internet. 

The very first online sale of E-Commerce was dated in August 11, 1994 when a man sold a CD through his website NetMarket, an American retail platform. Overtime, online businesses started to become increasingly popular and competitive as marketers yearn to grab hold of more market shares.  

Owning a Online Store in Singapore allow a business to build its brand image and identity. It also creates a perception for their customers to view their products or services as credible and legitimate. Most importantly, having an online store provides convenience for your customers where they can buy your products or services anywhere and anytime.   

If your competitors are offering this option, why not yours? 

Before you get started, put in some thoughts and planning for the items that you are going to sell. From there, you can determine a suitable layout that best fits your business. Some E-Commerce platforms can handle inventory tracking while others can provide multiple product options and the list goes on. Other important factors for consideration includes your ideal website design, payment options, site security, types of tools integration, features and pricing. 

Come join our E-Commerce Short Course and let the industry experts guide you through the entire process. 

You will learn how to create your website that is more sales oriented rather than marketing oriented. This means that we will guide you to design a website where your products are displayed immediately instead of hiding them behind the marketing copies. You can also add in your business contact details, return policies, payment options, security and encryption methods. The ultimate idea is to encourage your site visitors to buy. 

With the use of appropriate sales triggers, engagement, offers, promotions and other factors that can increase your site traffic, the outcome of your website will look just like a professional business website.

For starters, a E-Commerce Course in Singapore offers interdisciplinary hands-on training and addresses immediately to any of your questions that you might have. As busy business owners, you can invest your time in revenue-generating strategies instead of spending hours and hours in researching on how to build your online store. 

We combine and apply elements of actionable plans that focuses on specific verticals including, but not limited to: Beauty, Apparel, Furniture, Technology devices, Handy Services and more. 

When you sign up for our course, you will oversee the entire big picture of the digital marketing overview from discovery, content strategy, metrics, product selection, user experience and how each segment contributes to the current online business model in Singapore.  

Why not allow the actual professionals and experts handle your online store. At Next Level Singapore, we have delivered many successful Digital Marketing and Video Marketing Services to our past clients. Please contact us directly for further discussion on how we can add value to your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Courses

As long as you are a Singapore citizen and above 25 years old, you will receive a $500 credit in your SkillsFuture account. This SkillsFuture credit is a form of encouragement from the Singapore Government for continuous lifelong learning. 

We strive to provide a top-notch educational experience for you with the best trainers and professionals. We are SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Approved but not accredited by Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) yet. This means that WSQ aid cannot be used in conjunction with our courses. 


As much as possible, we want to provide the best convenience for you but during rare occasions when constraints are encountered due to the number of registrants and classroom availability, the training venue might have changes.     


Requests made less than 48 hours of notice to transfer to another time slot or course will not be accommodated.  


The email confirmation that we send to you represents your seat(s) confirmation and receipt of successful payment. 


All materials that we provided are meant for the individual registrant’s exclusive use when he/ she attends the class. Recipients of our materials must not be scanned, copied, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use to others.  

We are more than glad to take in more talents and experts to join us! Unfortunately, we can only work with Singaporeans. 

You can showcase your skills and share with us on how you have successfully achieved results based on your own case studies. Some of the courses includes, but not limited to, business-related subjects such as Digital Marketing, E-Commerce or Social Media Marketing Courses. 

Please email us your detailed resume. We will assess your application within 14 days and contact you if you are shortlisted.

What Is So Different About Next Level Singapore's E-Commerce Course

To create the best learning environment and experience for you, the class size for this E-Commerce Short Course is purposefully catered for smaller groups.

This E-Commerce Short Course requires a laptop so that you can apply what you have learnt immediately. At the same time, we can also address any questions that you might have during the training process. 

All our trainers are certified industry professionals to conduct E-Commerce Courses in Singapore. With their rich knowledge in E-Commerce, they will provide you with the real-time feedback for your business.

We are always working hard to update this course with the latest E-Commerce Trends, News and Strategies. This is because we value the quality of our course and we want to maximise the potential results that you can achieve.

Unlike any other E-Commerce Courses in Singapore, our course is designed for beginners where he/ she undergoes a step-by-step training session. You will be able to build your online store from the basic level to the advanced level by the end of the course.

It is important that you understand the entire training session as this course will be conducted in English. We welcome anyone with a strong passion in E-Commerce and the desire to continuously upgrade their skills set to join us. You will be trained by professionals that will guide and support you during the entire course. 


We believe that an E-Commerce Course in Singapore should be easily accessible for anyone, even without knowledge in coding. As long as you know how to use the mouse to drag and drop, you will be able to learn everything you need to know about setting up a successful online store in Singapore.

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We strive to meet the demands of all busy business owners in Singapore, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our team of professional Digital Marketers has gained a strong reputation for providing high quality and result-driven services. Many clients have given positive feedback about their working experiences with us and the Return-on-Investments (ROI) they have achieved.

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Next Level (formerly known as Surge Digital) is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore. We are committed to cultivate in-demand skills and leading-edge talent to the workforce in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a course to upgrade your skills or boost your overall profile, you will find both in the exciting environment of Next Level. Check out our most popular digital marketing course, which is highly rated by many of our participants!

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