digital Marketing Programme

Next Level Live Sales Accelerator

 90% supported (70% for non-SME) under the E-commerce Booster Package Digital Marketing By Enterprise Singapore

First Live Stream + Digital Marketing National Movement for PRODUCT BUSINESSES

Companies can tap the Digital Marketing Programme to raise your proficiency in implementing effective digital campaigns, and increase your brand awareness and sales conversions across multiple digital channels.

What is this accelerator package about?

Next Level Live Sales Accelerator aims at helping retail/ product businesses to rapidly grow their online traffic and sales through the fastest growing Live Stream medium in today’s market.

Companies that are eligible to join the accelerator package can receive up to 90% funding support under Enterprise Singapore’s E-Commerce Booster Package – Digital Marketing Programme.

The latest strategies in social media sales generation will be introduced to help companies ramp up their traffic and sales during and after the Circuit Breaker and COVID19 period.

  1. $10,000 total project cost, 90% funding of $9,000 (70% for non-SME) by Enterprise Singapore. Companies only pay $1,000 nett ($3,000 for non-SME), to be used for marketing media buy/influencer fees.
  2. Additional Manpower Salary Support for 3 months for up to 3 Singaporean or PR employees directly involved in the project.

Why go Next Level?

Facebook/Instagram Campaign

– Running Paid Campaign to Build Attention & Action

– Innovating Winning Campaign That Stands Out

– $1,000 Marketing Expense Included

Facebook Live

– The New Disruption To Business As Usual – Social Selling On LIVE

– Live Broadcast Session and Step-by-Step Execution Templates

– Engage Influencer to Represent Your Brand

A.I Messenger Chatbot

– Leveraging on Messenger Chatbot to Ease Buying Process

– Collect Valuable Customer Details Automatically

12 months unlimited access to livestream courses

Live streaming is a sleeping giant that will soon dominate the world of marketing on rising social media platforms. With this collaboration between Next Level and OCBC, you will get access to a step by step e-learning course on building you live stream capabilities to develop your market. 

12 MONTHS UNLIMITED ACCESS TO Facebook ad courses

Facebook Ads Optimisation can seem difficult and daunting. It has become a tool that is powerful in this tightly interwoven social media platform.  As a professional advertising digital company, we will also be providing a step by step course on running and optimising Facebook Ads for your business. 

Businesses will be put through our proprietary 6 Phase Accelerator aimed at accelerating the capabilities of their company through expert support and implementation.

Businesses will be put through our proprietary 6 Phase Accelerator aimed at accelerating the capabilities of their company through expert support and implementation.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

6 Sessions of Intensive Capability Building Training Over 3 Months

Phase 1: Business Strategy Consultation & Core Livestream Strategy

  • Identify your unique selling proposition and why should people buy from you
  • Identify most attractive offer to capture attention and command action
  • Understand the power of a good livestream strategy to grow your business
  • Learn the concepts behind livestream that will accelerate your sales
  • Personalized Strategy Call for brand building and long term growth

Phase 3: Bringing your Livestream Strategy to the Next Level

  • Discover how you can drive your livestream even without you in the video

  • Learn how to engage influencers effectively for your livestream strategy

  • Establish manpower and set-up requirements for manual procedure

  • Familiarize yourself with automated backend procedures to make your life easier

Phase 5. Growth Hacking For Your Live Stream

  • Learn how to ethically hack your livestreams to go viral

  • Discover free organic methods that help you engage free traffic from multiple sources

  • Learn about paid, easy methods to further boost traffic and increase conversions by utilizing ads and repurposed content

  • Customize and integrate methods to level up performance and efficiency for your campaign

Phase 2: Rapid Implementation of Live System with Expert Guidance & Support

  • We provide a guided, step-by-step learning process for creating your own livestream
  • Familiarize yourself with the live procedure flow down to the details
  • Includes detailed implementation: from setting up of live video to what to say on screen
  • Execute your very own livestream strategy with weekly guidance and mentorship

Phase 4: Influencers, Charisma, and Metrics to Grow Your Livestream

  • Introduction of giveaway methods to maximize reach and engagement

  • Grow your brand charisma and establish influence to win at your livestream strategy

  • Learn how to track and evaluate live video metrics for better performance

  • Leverage and analyse digital metrics to increase the effectiveness of your campaign

Phase 6. Optimize & Increase Your Conversions Through Data Analytics

  • Value add to your livestream performance with a wide range of digital strategies

  • Facebook and Instagram strategies, Messenger Chatbot, Facebook Metrics, and other digital media assets

  • Learn how to manage these strategies to enhance your overall business performance


Companies that Trust Us

Case Studies

Richstar Durian

Sold 250kg of Durian in 1 livestream


Nanking Watch 

Sold 2 Rolex watches ($20,000 revenue)

Attracted many new leads

Additional Support

90% Funding Support
Up to $9,000
($7,000 for non-sme)

Companies will receive a one-time 90% support on qualifying costs for the fees charged, capped at S$9,000. Companies only pay 10% of project fees which is $1,000 Nett.

** $1,000 of this total project will be spent on media buy/hiring influencers

Up to 90% Manpower Support
Over 3 Months for 3 Staff

ESG will support up to 90% of the qualifying manpower cost for up to three Singaporeans and or PRs directly involved in the project for three months for maximum transfer of digital marketing know-how.

Out-of-Classroom &
Community Support

Weekly office hours support for any inquiry regarding business, digital campaign, live videos, messenger, data analytics. <br /><br />

12 months membership to inner circle community with likeminded business owners.

Requirements for Full Support

To qualify for 90% funding support, applicant must be: 

1. Local SME, which is based on fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Business entity is registered / incorporated in Singapore;
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Group annual turnover not exceeding $100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report, or group employment not exceeding 200 employees


2. Product businesses, which is based on fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Key source of revenue (i.e. more than 50%) has to come from retail/B2C sale of products


Most frequent questions and answers

The programme supports local businesses, including heartland retailers, with little or no digital marketing capabilities to be proficient in implementing effective digital campaigns to increase their brand awareness and sales conversions across various digital channels during the COVID-19 period.

An interested company should meet the following criteria:

  • Business entity is registered / incorporated in Singapore;
  • Has a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Company’s group annual turnover not exceeding $100 million per annum based on the most recent audited report, or group employment not exceeding 200 employees.


Each company can only apply for the digital marketing programme once, and you must not already have any on-going digital marketing projects at the point of application.

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements stated in point 1.

Yes, but they have to be at least operational at point of application. That is, they can’t be entirely new and have not started operating yet.

Each eligible company will receive support at 90% of the qualifying costs, capped at S$9,000. Businesses will only have to pay the remaining 10% of qualifying costs of up to S$1,000.

The deadline to sign up is 30 September 2020. Successful applicants can benefit from 3 months of support under this programme.

Under the programme, each company will work with an approved digital marketing partner (e.g. Next Level SG) to execute at least one digital marketing campaign. The digital marketing platforms to be used and format of campaigns may vary and would be customised to best meet the needs of your business. 

Companies with existing corporate accounts on social media platforms but with limited digital marketing capabilities may still apply and benefit from the programme.

During the execution of digital marketing campaigns, companies may incur media costs when advertising on the various social media platforms. This will be covered under the 10% cost that you are paying for the Digital Marketing Programme (i.e. there is no additional out-of-pocket expense from companies apart from the remaining 10% of qualifying costs for the programme).

The initiative aims to enable companies to build digital marketing capabilities and explore new channels to increase brand awareness during the challenging times brought about by COVID-19. We hope that after the initiative ends, you will continue to leverage the digital marketing capabilities you have developed to improve your online business performance.

Enterprise Singapore will support 90% of the qualifying manpower costs, for a maximum of three new or existing Singaporean and PR workers directly involved in the project, for a period of three months.

To be eligible for the manpower support, companies must have confirmed its participation in the Digital Marketing Programme, and must not have applied for similar support previously under the E-Commerce Booster Package.

Companies may submit an application for an Enterprise Development Grant through the Business Grants Portal (BGP).

The salary support will be credited after 3 months + 6-8 weeks.

Part time employees can be covered as long as they are employed during the course of the project and are involved in it.