Our Focus And Specialty? Launching Real Estate Agents $500k Per Year to $100k Per Month.

We Focus On a Niche Group to Get You Super Qualified Buyers and Sellers

"You have to realise that Social Media Marketing in Real Estate is highly competitive."

You see your peers doing social media and other digital marketing aggressively on Google, Facebook or Instagram. You must be wondering…. if it is so competitive, is it still possible to do social media marketing and actually get results?

Not Our Best Results Thus Far, But You Can Click On Images Below To View.

The Unspoken Struggles In The Real Estate Industry

You must have already heard of these digital marketing terms thrown around 100s of times by now

real estate struggles

Facebook Ads

Google Adwords

Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Landing page


A/B Split Testing

Video Marketing

Personal Branding

Lead Generation

Cost Per Acquisition

CTR (Click Through Rate)

Pulling You Out From The Drowning Sea Of Real Estate Digital Marketing

Like an octopus, many property agents stretches themselves to manage their own advertising campaigns, running for sales, going for viewings, closing deals and probably doing much more.

There’s so many things that ONE person like you can do!

The reality is, because the real estate market is so competitive, you actually DO have to get your marketing knowledge right.

With our core specialisation in Real Estate Digital Marketing Services, our digital marketing agency is like a cruise for property agents.

Hire our digital marketing services and let us cover you from the back-end, help you manage your campaigns and achieve your dream goals faster!

Uncovering The Truth Of Some Agencies

Fake Leads! Fake Strategy! Fake Guru! We Understand Your Concerns.

Usually, after hiring an agency, what they do is run a campaign based on the same standard template copy-writing, funnel and target audience that they have done for all their property clients.

You see many of such cases on Facebook, a whole agency or team running the same ad, at the same time, to the same audience. Some even guarantee leads or sell your their leads they generated on their page.

The biggest problem with this is that when your customers see SO many people running similar ads they start to distrust or get sick of all of these ads.
Now, these other agencies cannot really be blamed because it is very easy to copy and paste a template ad and just charge each agent a low amount and hope that they get results.
In fact, you probably also DO get leads from those ads. Just that, those leads are probably all rubbish leads (refer to image).

Your Choice: "Get Actual Customers" Or "More Leads"?

Still trying to get more leads?
It's so easy to get leads nowadays that even a polytechnic intern can get more leads than you.
Here's a FREE advice - "Get HIGH QUALITY customers instead"
Notice I said CUSTOMER and NOT lead?

Changing Your Perspective

You as a top agent, need quality customers that have enough income and motivation to actually go through with the sale or purchase.


Stop wasting your efforts and energy calling lead after lead…. presentation after presentation… without actually getting any exclusives or sales.

The only way to get customers that have enough income and enough motivation is to STOP being like 80% of the other agents out there.

Your ads have to be drastically different and they have to sell YOUR expertise, NOT the project, NOT your company and NOT your team.

YES, a good project, company and team can accelerate your growth. BUT in this competitive market, it is simply not enough to get you to the top.

You have to be able to let your potential customers KNOW and UNDERSTAND what you and ONLY you can do. Your expertise. Your secret strategy.

Our Solutions And Soaring Results

We translate your expertise to Golden Info where your customer can understand and want to TAKE ACTION on.

01. Your Unique Expertise

A system, a method or a SECRET that only you have to help your potential client make the best decision.

02. Our Proven Formula

We feed your expertise into our proven formula to create assets that not just convert well, but also build your brand value.

03. Drive Traffic

Being the digital marketing expert also means we are constantly on our toes to innovate and handle massive algorithm changes.

Supercharge Your Achievement

We just had a top producer close above $100k from 3 exclusive sales​​.

All 3 of them upgraded to condo. 2 of them even bought a high commission new launch project. All in one and a half months by using this strategy.

Granted, this agent was an excellent closer so we only had to focus on sending good quality customers that had enough income and enough motivation to be closed.

We are going to be frank, opportunities like this don't come often

Property, just like social media, is a cyclical market.

Right now, commissions are at an all time high. Even though the market is competitive, it is still possible to break through the noise if you have the right strategy.

Thankfully, there is an opportunity in the market, right now, to be able to do just that.

Not many agents are using this particular strategy that we are using because there are not a lot of agencies that are specialised in the property market like us.

At Next Level Singapore, we have a team of specialist and our talents doesn’t come cheap.

Unlike 90% of the other agencies, we DO NOT OUTSOURCE your work to a 3rd world country.

Outsourcing just doesn’t work for today’s customers anymore.

We work work with agents who understand the value of high quality customers and can close them to earn a high commission.

If you are an agent that is doing above $500k per year in sales. Consider achieving more and go beyond your $1 million – $3 million a year.

Let us handle ALL LEAD GENERATION related campaigns for you. 

Steady lah!

We have optimised over $100,000 of advertising spend in the last year or so.

business manager ad spent

Yes it's true, all our specialist are inhouse!

A little red dot like Singapore has tons of hidden talents!

Our team is build with all full-time LOCAL talents, to do Facebooks/Instagram ads, videography, social media content, design, copy-writing and more.

Sorry lah, let me humbly hao lian (brag) a bit so you know we can add value to you as a top producer.

We love working with top producers because we believe you have the greatest chance to become the biggest players in the market.

If you become the biggest in the market, we also get more business and hopefully become the biggest agency in the real estate market as well.

So let’s connect and see how we can make this a huge win for both of us in 2020 and beyond.

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