AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist

Increasing cost-efficient leads with ads that click to Lead Form and Website



The Immigration & relocation company engaged us to optimize their digital marketing campaigns and we reduced cost per lead by 73%, doubled the number of leads and still saved a big portion of their monthly budget from ad spend.

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Immigration & Relocation Specialist

AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist is dedicated to supporting individuals and companies for all their migration and relocation needs. Incorporated in Singapore in November 2006, AIMS has since expanded its footprint with 14 offices situated across Asia Pacific. AIMS offers an entire suite of services from skilled migration, business and investment migration, passport programs and relocation services.



Generate leads that are quality

AIMS wanted to find a more efficient way to generate and qualify leads. Before engaging us, they have been running their own ads with their internal marketing team. The team was not able to receive ample training on the best practices to generate leads that convert.


Get the technicals right

More audience groups were created in the Facebook campaign to widen the search based on existing conversion data. This helps to give Facebook more room and also reach out to newer audience.

We made use of Facebook Dynamic Creative feature to split test the variety of images, headlines and copy to scientifically test the different combinations. 

Retargeting ads were created to convince website visitors to sign up for free assessment by showcasing past testimonial.

Target CPA was our choice of bid strategy for Google search ads as it provides more control on the costing, and allow us to leverage on huge past data and Google AI algorithm.

We filtered the search term report daily to look for negative keywords and add relevant keywords from past data.



More results at fraction of the cost

The optimizations were successful as we work on the technicals to improve overall set-up for simplicity, leveraging on machine learning algorithms and scientific split testing.

  • $9,931 reduction in monthly ad spend
  • 2X more leads
  • 73% lower in cost per lead

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