Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns You Can’t Miss

 If you plan to do marketing on Facebook, now click to steal wonderful ideas of the top five brilliant Facebook marketing campaigns!

Facebook remains one of the most effective digital marketing channels despite the rise of other platforms. If you’re seeking to organize a Facebook campaign, you’ve landed on the right page.

Let the following five Facebook Marketing campaigns be your inspiration!

Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns That Rocked 2022

#1. Spotify – Facebook Image Ad

A picture is worth a thousand words in marketing. This notion supports the idea of Facebook image ads which show off all about your brands, products, and services in a single photo while keeping the post description as simple as possible.

Take how Shopify was advertising Drake’s new album: Certified Lover Boy, for instance.

The ad featured bold backgrounds to highlight the lighter-color calls to action. In addition, Shopify used powerful words such as “free” or “now” to create a sense of urgency.

#2. Cider – Facebook Carousel Ad

If you want to introduce multiple products in one advertisement, why don’t you use a carousel ad like Cider? The company added numerous images in a widget so Facebook users could swipe or click the arrows to view more products.

The advantages of carousel ads are to motivate users to engage with your advertisement; meanwhile, full-length images can showcase your products up close and visibly.

#3. Udemy – Facebook Stories Ads

Since its first introduction in 2018, advertisers have effectively used Facebook stories and proved their effectiveness. According to an Ipsos survey, 62% of online users were engaged with a brand or product after seeing it in a story.

Udemy now uses this type of Facebook to tell a story about each course. This way, the brand focuses on one thing at a time instead of overwhelming viewers. In addition, Udemy takes advantage of complementary images with a microphone set-up to indicate voice acting.

Moreover, the brand mentions discounts of up to 85% off for any topic. This makes the viewers’ incentive irresistible.

#4. Curology – User-generated Content Ads

Curology used user-generated content by true customers to advertise their personalized skincare line. Viewers can feel more familiar and engaged with the real-life example of another customer who has struggled, just like them.

At the end of the video, the brand added a special offer to boost sales.

By using the user-generated content as above, you can save time and cost in building the advertisement materials from scratch. In addition, content created by customers is unbiased and diverse.

#5. GoPro – Another User-generated Ad

Another Facebook marketing campaign to share is the GoPro – third annual Million Dollar Challenge. The brand encouraged its fans to share their best GoPro experience to get a prize of up to $1 million.

At the end of the campaign, over 10.9 million likes and over 29,000 participants shared their videos. This is a no-brainer in terms of spreading brand awareness quickly.

Final Thoughts

Have you gotten any ideas from the above five Facebook marketing campaigns? Then, it is high time to build your campaign!

If you need any more advice, just contact us. We’re always here to help with crafting an effective campaign for your Facebook page.

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