Case Study: M Real Estate Agent

Jack of All Trade, Master of None

Case Study - Real Estate M

“You really restored some hope in fb for me” – M real estate agent.

In this case study, we will share how we have brought huge result for a real estate agent who want to be known as M.

In 1 month, we have helped him achieve 3 exclusives, 3 new launch purchases and 2 pending decisions.

M agent is a MILLIONAIRE Producer in the property market.

M understands that social media plays an important role in the real estate industry. And the reason is simple; everyone is there (almost)! His team even has their own digital marketing training that is compulsory for all newcomers.

But keeping up with the never ending changes of the platform proves to be a challenge. M himself was not able to catch up with the constant algorithm changes by Facebook, and his leads started to drop in quality over time.

M saw our Ads speaking specifically and only to real estate agent.

He contacted and decided to engage us as his exclusive lead generation agency.

After a strategizing session with him, we found out that the drop of lead quality was due to the following:

  • Using outdated methods of running ads
  • Trying to get sellers, buyers, upgraders and even doing recruitment all at the same time and with same set-up

Jack of all trade only makes you a poor master of none.

After we niche M down into 1 group of audience that he is confident in, everything else is history.

matt ads manager

The important thing to note here is to understand the exact group of people you most willingly want to serve. That becomes a plus point if this group of people are also super niche that other agents do not focus on. 

"But won't zooming down to a small niche cause you to lose all of your other business?"

Let’s use a example that everyone understands.

A General Practitioner (GP) treats and assess all kinds of conditions. But it is often the Specialist that takes up the bigger bulk of your bill whenever you need to go for further tests.

And if that is not convincing enough, check out what M commented after we niche him down his small pool of audience.

top producer close above $100k-30-jun
top producer close above $100k-2-jul

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