Case Study: J Real Estate Agent

Personalisation, Behavioral Targeting And Market Optimisation

Case Study - Real Estate J

In this case study, we will share how we have brought huge result for a real estate agent who want to be known as J.

In 4 months, we have helped her set 50+ appointments, sold 4 properties/new launch with 10 pending cases and the commissions of $75,000+.

The real estate lead generation market is one of the most competitive niches right now on Facebook advertising.

With every property agent screaming the same thing over and over again, it’s no wonder that their ads became ineffective.

The first stage in the time-tested AIDA model is to grab Attention. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

And there is no better way to grab attention well than creating an ad that is relevant to your target audience.

J is a top division producer in the property market.

And she is no stranger to Facebook ads herself. She has been using Facebook to get her leads until mid-2018 when she realized that the old strategies were no longer working.

She paid thousands for others to execute for her but those was not getting quality leads for her to close.

The other agencies out there did e-book campaigns, using of the “Boost Post” button; all of which are ineffective and will not work now in 2019.

We did a major overhaul of her Facebook marketing strategy and here is her result.

In the span of 4 months, we have generated 187 leads that provided email, name and mobile number to directly arrange an appointment with her!

No ebook, no floor plan downloads that will result in lower quality leads.

  • 187 QUALIFIED leads
  • 50+ appointments
  • 3 HDB sold
  • 1 new launch sold
  • Total commissions of more than S$75,000


You would also have realized that there were empty pockets in some periods. She literally went on not one, but MULTIPLE holidays and wanted us to pause the campaign!

…and she still had these ongoing exclusives after that.

  • 3x HDB
  • 4x Private Condo
  • 2x Executive Condo
  • 1x Factory


High ticket item like property requires a longer sales cycle. J was definitely up for the challenge with her consistent follow up.


Something simple, just using a flipchart as a form of visual presentation on the topic of her choice.

One of the key elements of the success was her identifying the exact demographics of her target audience.

This is the group of audience that she is comfortable with and has always been an easy close for her.

Presenting to you, the power of relevance.


The leads that she closed fits the exact target audience that was mentioned in her flipchart! 

Couple with 3 children.

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