How to go live even if you are not selling a product

In these circumstances, many people are now utilizing live sessions to run their businesses on their social media platforms. Whether or not you are explicitly selling a product, going live on your social media platforms can benefit you just the same.

If you are not selling a product, you may be running a service. Even if you are not conducting purchases, there are still many ways you can utilize your live videos.

What can you say in your live sessions?

One way to make your live sessions useful is by hosting Q&A sessions.

For instance, you might want to announce a new launch you will be having; such as a new package or new promotion. You could then conduct a Q&A session for any questions your customers may have surrounding its release.

Perhaps you might also have a customer list, or a mailing list of your dedicated regular customers. Similarly, you may want to answer any questions these customers have by hosting a Q&A session for them.

You could also bring one of your experts in with you to answer these questions during the live. By talking and actively engaging with your audience during the live, they will be able to ask you the questions they have about your service.

Observe your customers’ common concerns

During these Q&A sessions in your live videos, you may want to take note of common concerns among your viewers regarding your product or service.

This is because very often, the questions asked by your customers will usually become sales objections.

Everybody has worries and concerns about the product in question that they do not always vocalize. Live sessions are a great way to find out what these concerns are through Q&A and asking for your customers’ feedback.

In fact, during open live sessions, the community is asking these questions for you! 

Therefore, when answering their frequently asked questions during that live session, search for the pain points of your customers. Your aim will be to alleviate these concerns.

Remember that customers are going to ask you these questions anyway. What better way to address their concerns than on a live video that can be viewed and shared by many people? As you tackle their questions, more people who share the same concern will see it live. This way, instead of letting your competitors answer those questions for you, you get to do it first!

After all, that is how it works. Your customers’ concerns will have to be targeted before they are willing to come and do business with you. This is the age-old process of addressing a customer’s needs and worries one-on-one. When we use live videos, we are simply converting it to an online and one-to-many approach.

Hence, pay close attention to what people express during your live videos, and answer their questions based on what these concerns are. That’s what you can do, and it can be as simple as that: answering questions.

Did this article help you with your live sessions? Feel free to drop us a comment if it did!

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