How to Structure your Live Video for Maximum Effect

During this period, many people are making the most out of their social media platforms by using Facebook Live and other live platforms to broadcast their products and business. You can do just the same! This article breaks down a good strategy for what you can do on your live video on a per minute basis.

Understanding how live videos work

When creating your strategy, first understand the concept behind it. Based on past observation and research, the maximum audience retention on average is going to be 15 to 20 minutes into the live.

What this means is that the highest level of attention you will receive from all your viewers is likely to be about 20 minutes into your video.

This is because it takes a bit of time for their attention to really peak. So if you want to maximize your audience retention and capture the attention of as many people as you can, aim for your live video to have the duration of 20 minutes or more.

Creating a strategy for your live videos

  • First 5 minutes: This is the time frame where you want to engage with your audience before you actually start selling. Say hi, and even read out their names to make a stronger impact. People are spending time with you, and you want to recognize them for it.

    There are many other ways to engage effectively with your viewers. For instance, you can run contests such as giveaways, which are highly interactive and a great way to keep engaging with your audience. Feel free to let your imagination run wild with this; every business is different and you can adjust your ideas for this to fit your context.
  • Next 5 minutes: You can start to introduce a low-entry product of yours: something that’s popular; something that most people want and are interested in. Having this makes it easier for your viewers to take action and be involved in the live purchasing. This gives your viewers a gateway into making other purchases. 
  • 10 to 20 minute mark: Have your best high-margin product on offer. This is when the majority of your viewers are at their maximum level of attention. You want to have built up to this peak where you can sell your best and most important products.

    If your business is in selling products, like drones for example, one option you have is to place the whole product right there in the camera view – say at the 20 minute mark – and sell it as an attractive package. Again, one way to get your viewers interested is by conducting giveaways and contests.

Understanding the concept of social selling

Social selling is an important concept to take note of here. The market is evolving beyond traditional retail (retail owners take note) and contests like these on social media are becoming increasingly commonplace. 

There are people going out on Facebook Live and using it to make 2 – 3k sales in a day or even more – simply because they understand and make use of this concept.

Making use of live videos for your business is not incredibly difficult. If you start small and continue to build accordingly, you will get better at it the more you continue to do it. Do stay encouraged and take this as a time to build this skill set – so that when the market comes back, you’ll be more than ready.

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