How to Keep Viewers Watching Your Live Stream?

This is a good question and a critical point to take note of.

As you go on live, you start to build a following. Structuring your live videos for maximum effect plays an important role in this – it ensures that you already have a good base to work with. However, your views will not grow by itself! Majority of the time, you need an engaging process. Read on to find out more.

You need to be consistent to maintain engagement

The key to retaining a following is to have consistency in your live videos.

By appearing at a specific time each week, or even every day of the week, you establish a consistency to your schedule that your followers will know to look out for.

Why is this important? People gravitate towards routine. When people carry out a behaviour for long enough, it becomes ingrained in their daily routine.

Likewise, when viewers have been conditioned to expect your live broadcast and go onto your live video at the same time each day or week, they are more likely to keep on doing so. Doing this ensures that you maintain the level of engagement you have built with your audience.

A portion of your audience – maybe 20 to 30% – will have been watching you consistently. These are your “diehard followers” and they go for regular scheduled content. Continue to show up for your live videos on schedule; continue to produce regular content and you will remain as the preferred channel or person that they watch.

Build up your content to increase engagement

The second way to keep your viewers engaged is by having interesting content buildup. How do you build up to a great sale? One way is to host a variety of contests.

For example, you can carry out a like and share campaign by encouraging your viewers to like, comment on and share your live video if they enjoyed it. 

Another idea for a contest is to establish some kind of leaderboard, where perhaps your participating viewers are ranked in terms of how many new followers or subscribers they have brought in to your page, and the winner at the top of this leaderboard is rewarded with increased discounts or a free product.

You can even conduct a giveaway if you hit a certain number of followers on your live. Giveaways are a fun and interactive way to maintain your viewership. People can have a lot of fun with this; everyone celebrates when you do a giveaway. Your viewers stand a chance to benefit and so do you!

Think of this as marketing expense: people are pulling others in to come and watch your videos. By incentivising such activities with giveaways and prizes, you can drastically increase viewership and this will boost your visibility to so many more people. The more visible you are to people, the more easily you will be able to find the right target audience for your business.

Ultimately, the main goal is to keep people engaged and coming back to your live videos.

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