Why You Should Go Live On More Than One Platform

Some of you may be wondering which social media platform to broadcast your live sessions to so you can get the best result. You may even be wondering if it is possible to go live on more than one platform.

Yes, you can do that, to a 100%.

The benefits of doing live on different platforms

The best platform for gaining traction is ultimately still Facebook. Because Facebook makes it so easy for viewers to like, comment on, and share your live videos, your live sessions stand a higher chance of being seen by a wider audience.

Why limit yourself to one platform however? Streaming on more than one platform can widen your reach to even more viewers and bring you great benefit.

If you can go live on Facebook, do it. If you can go live on Instagram, feel free to use that channel to increase your viewership as well.

Simply put, live videos are a concept that everybody likes. People enjoy it because it’s very real and it’s highly interactive. It doesn’t really matter which platform you choose to use, as long as you are putting yourself out there.

In short, do whatever it takes to get more viewership and go live on as many social media platforms as you want.

How to maximize your time while doing live on multiple platforms

To make the most with your time, you can even go live on more than one social media at the same time.

You can use more than one phone to do this. Ideally, it would be good to have two phones with you so that you can go live on two different social media platforms at the same time.

For example, if you decide to go live on both Instagram and Facebook, you can open Facebook on one phone to start a live video there and start an Instagram Live with the other one.

There are also various tools available out there that can help you to host your live on multiple platforms at a fee. Examples of software you can use include Switchboard, Castr, and Restream.

Constant engagement is key

The key to achieving success with your livestreams is to maintain the engagement with your audience.

This goes beyond whatever platform you choose to use. Whether you choose to broadcast on Youtube or Twitch or both, constant engagement matters.

As more people start to consume live video content, Facebook, Instagram and all the other major social media platforms are prioritizing live videos on everybody’s feed.

When you start a live video, it appears at the top of everybody’s feed. Some may click on your live video out of pure curiosity. From that moment, the process to build and maintain your viewers’ interest will start. To keep the engagement high, you will want to entertain your viewers to keep them watching your live session for longer.

After all, social media is largely a game of probability and numbers. You need to engage constantly with people to maximize the value you can derive from a live audience.

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