Why and How You Should Repurpose Your Live Videos

There are a huge variety of things you can do with live videos for your business.

Many businesses are making use of Facebook Live and other livestreams, such as those on Instagram and Youtube as well.

These livestreams work well, considering the current circuit breaker measures shaping the circumstances we are all in.

This article shows you how you can repurpose your live videos as a way to create and multiply value.

Why should you repurpose your live videos?

The concept of repurposing comes from multiplying.

The key issue here is that time is a precious commodity. As business owners especially, it is difficult to spare huge amounts of time on creating hundreds of videos.

How then can you maximize your time? By multiplying the value of your content.

One single livestream can generate many different pieces of content.

For instance, conducting a live video can last for an hour; sometimes an hour and half or even longer. You may end up with a single video that is long and rich in content.

Since your live video will be long and contain a range of topics, it will be easy to split it up into the topics you want.

All you have to do is cut up this live video into smaller segments. With this, you can repurpose your video into smaller pieces of content.

How to repurpose your live videos

There are several ways to go about doing this. A digital marketing agency should be able to do this for you, since it simply involves editing a video into pieces of different content.

If you’re doing it alone, you may want to engage the services of a freelancer. Some of the websites you can use to find a freelance video editor include Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

You can show your video editor how you want the video to be split by indicating the different timestamps that mark the content you want as separate videos. (For instance, you could tell them to split 1-1:30 and 1:45-2:45 of your original video into separate videos of their own.)

With this, multiple pieces of content can easily be created from one potential livestream. You can then go ahead to post these smaller snippets of content on your social media platforms and website.

Repurposing your live videos as articles

On top of this, there are other ways you can maximize your livestream.

Another way to multiply your content with your live videos is to transcribe and repurpose your videos as SEO articles.

Many businesses use ranking in SEO. These repurposed articles help your SEO greatly by having a transcript of everything you say in your livestream, which enables Google to better read your text.

Rev.com is one tool you can use to transcribe your speech into text, which can be cleaned up and edited to form your article.

Repurposing your live videos allows you to produce more forms of content in a single long session.

Especially if you are pressed for time and find it tedious to film in separate sessions- this is an excellent way to multiply the value of your content!

Does this work well for your business? Let us know what you think on our social media platforms!

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