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Facebook Advertising Campaigns Ran By Next Level Singapore

Quite often, you may see Facebook Advertisements (Ads) that may not be visually appealing but aligned closely with your interest or things you may be thinking of buying.

So what makes a Facebook Ads effective and compelling to your ideal target market?

Take a look at our campaigns, you can probably apply several advertising ideas to your own Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads (Example 1)

Covette Aesthetics-Facebook ads
  • Ensure that the image you use is relevant to your target market. In our ad, we used an image of a Asian lady.
  • At the headline, mention an attractive offer that your audience will be receiving.
  • Provide a call-to-action (CTA) on your ad to guide your audience to the next step.

Facebook Ads (Example 2)

Benjamin Personal Facebook ads
  • Place yourself in your customer’s position and identify relevant statement that they might identify. E.g. Are you facing X problem? You should do this instead.
  • Use video ads to engage your audience.
  • Your video should either be at the lowest production level (shaky selfie video) or at the highest production level (full studio setup).

Tools That You Can Leverage On For Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

The best time to post your Facebook Ads or content is when your customers and followers are online.

Make the right posting decisions for your Ads by leveraging the data from Facebook Insights or Google Analytics. We have layout a step-by-step guide below for your easy reference.

#1 Use Facebook Insights to identify the Best Time to Post on Your Facebook Account

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account and select the ‘Insights’ option located at the top of your Facebook Page to view the data.

Step1 - Facebook Advertising page

Step 2: Identify the ‘golden hour’ where your customers and followers are most active online. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Posts’ tab in the left-hand column and move your cursor over the chart to narrow your research to specific days.

Step 3: Test your Facebook Ads by posting on the day when the majority of your fans are online.

jo tan video result

#2 Use Google Analytics Report for Facebook Advertising Campaign Reporting

Set up Google Analytics to track your Social Media Marketing efforts and decide the best time to post on Facebook in Singapore.

Follow the steps below to set up Custom Reports for your Facebook Account and even other social media accounts you have.

Step 1: Login to your Google Analytics Account and select the ‘Custom Report’ option located at the left-hand side toolbar.

Google Analytics Custom Report (Step1)

Step 2: Click on the ‘New Custom Report’ option.

Google Analytics Custom Report (Step2)

Step 3: Fill in the information you want to see in your report. Refer to the screenshot below to see how we create a basic report for ‘Facebook best time to post’.

Google Analytics Custom Report (Step3)

Step 4: Always remember to save your report so that you can view the results. You can even select ‘Hour’ as your secondary dimension to view the hours of the day.

Google Analytics Custom Report (Step4)

With Google Analytics, you can create reports for all your social media platforms to view your traffic movement and track your social media marketing efforts.

Types Of Facebook Advertising Strategies That Businesses Use

There are two ways to go about performing social media marketing.

The first way is the organic/passive advertising, while the other way is called the paid/active advertising.

The main differences between the two ways of advertising is the usage of funds.

By using the organic/passive advertising, a business need not spend any marketing dollars, as the social media platforms allow the business to create a Facebook page and start posting right away.

On the other hand, the paid/active advertising requires the business to spend advertising dollars which is supposed to be given to the Social Media platform such as Facebook, in exchange for an advertisement showing up on a person’s news feed.

#1 The Organic/Passive Advertising

As you can already tell by the name, the organic/passive advertising strategy does not require a business to use any money to grow their social media presence.

This method is often slower as you have to rely on organic searches and engagements on the social media platform in order to bring any real results.

Besides, the organic/passive advertising strategy requires a strong amount of following before you can obtain any significant results.

This usually works better for bigger and more recognized brands as they usually have a huge amount of followers.

If you are a small business owner without a large followers, this strategy would likely be less effective as you would not be able to reach anyone outside of those who have liked and followed your social media accounts.

#2 The Paid/Active Advertising

This strategy involves the usage of performance-based advertising, otherwise known as paid advertising.

By using audience segmentation such as age, gender, interests and other demographics, you can reach out to your intended audience that are more likely to convert on your advertisements.

This strategy would be more applicable to small businesses who have just started, and are trying to create awareness for their brand and business.

How To Determine A Budget For Your Facebook Ads?

Once you have built your supporters/ followers, consider looking into your Facebook Marketing Cost budget and start selling your products or services.

You can purchase Facebook Ads through the Ad Management tools under the ‘Ads Manager’ from your Facebook account.

Then, create your Facebook Ad and submit it to the Ads Auction.

Create Facebook Ads on any budget

Here is a link to buy Facebook Ads on any budget.

Still Unsure Of How Much You Should Set Aside For Your Facebook Ads?

Most companies in Singapore do not have the time to run their Facebook marketing campaigns.

It requires constant posting of content, building relationships with new followers, retaining existing supporters and more.

If you have the extra budget, why not engage a digital marketing or social media company for their Facebook Advertising Service?

An average Facebook Marketing Cost in Singapore can range between $500 – $1000 per month for their ad management fees.

Reach out to us for our digital marketing services.

How You Can Constantly Refresh Your Facebook Ads To Avoid Ad Fatigue And Create Echo Chamber Effect?

The Most Common Facebook Ad Frequency Trap That Businesses Fall Into Unknowingly

You might be running a Facebook Ad to reach between 100,000 to 500,000 people right now.

And like most business owners or marketers, you might try and stretch your Ad budget as much as possible by running it one time to a wide audience.

If you are implementing this strategy, it can prove to be a huge mistake, especially on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. 

In order for the customer to truly know you, your brand or your business, you need to have a certain number of impressions or Facebook Ad frequency of impressions during advertising.

While this may be a typical thing, it is equally as important.

Your customer might not be able to remember you if they are only shown one video.

For example, you may have watched a video for the first time just last week.

Can you remember the main host in the video or which the brand / company produced that video?

Probably not.

If so, why do you think your customers would remember your videos if you only run it once in an entire year?

Run Your Facebook Ad To The Right Audience And Manage Your Posting Frequency

You should start with selecting a small group of audience in Singapore, whether it’s a 35 to 55 person, or a person living with his or her parents in Tampines.

By zoning in on the exact audience, your Facebook Ad has the opportunity of reaching upwards of about 50,000 people.

To these people, even if you don’t spend much on Facebook Ads, they will still be able to see your Ad many times throughout the year.

Once your audience sees your Ad multiple times, they will then start to remember your brand.

Not only that, but they’ll remember your content pieces and the valuable solutions that you can bring to their lives.

For example, if you’re a plumber in the Tampines area, it’s best to run your Ad around Tampines.

After all, if you show your Ad in another area that you aren’t likely to visit, say in Jurong, you might not be able to properly utilize your Ad to the fullest.

Creating An Echo Chamber Effect Through Facebook Ad Posting Frequency

Ultimately, it’s best to differentiate and create multiple pieces of content as compared to just advertising on one.

You wouldn’t want to irritate your audience with the same Ad over and over again.

By focusing on topics that revolve around the different issues your customers might face, you are creating an Echo Chamber Effect.

What the Echo Chamber Effect does is to ensure that your audience sees your different pieces of content almost every other week, or every other day.

It will be much easier for them to remember you, your solution and even your brand.

Whether you’re a plumber, property agent or insurance agent, utilise the Echo Chamber Effect with the right Ads.

This way, your potential customers will think of you and what you can do for them the moment they need a solution to their problems.

It is best to appear consistently, posting several times a day, and do not rush through a particular campaign.

Rather, plan for longer campaigns so that your audience isn’t tired of the same message that you are advertising daily.

With multiple Facebook Ads, the idea is to drip feed your presence to your audience so that they will get used to seeing you often, and more consistently.

This way, you can increase the impact of your ads at a low budget, and need not to worry about your Facebook Ad posting frequency.

Start working on content pieces to embed your business into your audience’s mind.

If you would like to learn more about digital marketing through our course.

Why Facebook Ads Are Not Performing Well After Awhile?

Facebook Ads Timeline Is Crucial To Your Ads Performance

When speaking about the topic for how long should you run your ads, another question might surface: “Why are my Facebook ads not performing well after awhile?”

Sometimes, your ad might take two weeks, two months, and maybe even more before you start to see a decrease in terms of reach.

If your ad conversion is dipping, what could cause such an issue?’

Well, the simple truth is this: people get bored of seeing the same ads.

That’s the simple answer.

At the beginning when your ads start appearing regularly, it will get more conversion for you.

But if you consistently use the same ad for a long period of time, doing so causes your audience to feel irritated.

This is known as Ad Fatigue.

Ad Fatigue can affect even the most successful Facebook ad campaigns.

When the frequency of an ad gets too high, it causes the audience to be less responsive to the ad because they see the same ad again and again.

A good metric to watch for is to ensure that your frequency (in Facebook Ads Manager) do not go above 4.0.

It is a double-edged sword, in which people get to see more of you and your brand, they will feel more familiar and start to take notice of you more.

On the other hand, having only a single piece of content and spending big on that piece of content will burn out your audience very quickly.

Launching Multiple Facebook Ads Perform Better Than Running A Single Advertising Campaign

At Next Level Singapore, most of our clients invest a minimum of $100 a day on their Facebook Advertising campaigns and we make sure that they receive high returns of investment.

Read our case studies for the insane results that we’ve delivered to our clients.

For starters, $10 a day for your Facebook Advertising campaign can last between 3 months to 6 months.

With the same budget, you can switch your ads (meaning update the content or create new ones) every single month.

By frequently resting up your ads and re-launching them after a few months, you’ll see better conversion and lesser occurrence of ad fatigue.

During the first month, we will test 2-3 different angles to determine if the market is attracted to them.

From the second month on, we will only run 1 single angle for a month, before turning it off and changing to the next angle.

Are you still facing problems where your Facebook ads just aren’t performing as well even after implementing this strategy?

Join our Facebook Marketing Course to drill down the root of the issue you’re encountering.

Scaling High Budget Ads

The inability to identify when to scale and kill an ad is another reason why your Facebook ads are not performing after awhile.

Some of the most high-ticket clients that we’ve worked with range from $300 a day to $800 a day for their Facebook Advertising campaigns.

If you have the same amount of high ad budget to work on, it is extremely crucial to view your ads at multiple different angles and be extra careful during the ad scaling process.

Ad scaling involves investing more money to your advertising campaigns so that you can:

  • Increase your ad budget;
  • Reach out to more audience;
  • Launch more ads for split testing;
  • Launch different ad types.


Because you’re running a high ad budget, it shouldn’t be a case where you can constantly fire out multiple ads without a proper campaign timeline and strategy.

This will accelerate the rate of ad fatigue occurrence and reduce the effectiveness of your ads.

BONUS TIPS: At Next Level Singapore, we have invented our own systematic way of scaling the ads, in 3 ways.

#1. Vertical Scaling

This is often the most common scaling method where we simply just increase the budget of our working campaigns.

It is however important to note that we should only increase 20-30% every 2 days to prevent distortion to the Facebook algorithm.

If you need to scale beyond 20-30% fast, duplicate your campaign and start the budget at your desired amount.

#2. Horizontal Scaling

This method is the best as it will provide you with more ads and angles to reach out to a different group of avatar.

We will come up with different angles/promotions/offers for a new campaign.

An example would be in an aesthetic clinic setting.

They have a wide range of product/service offering.

An obvious horizontal scaling method will be to just run a new campaign on the next popular service.

This not only provides you with newer ad creative, it also opens up a whole new group of audience as we can now reach out to people interested in the new offering.

fb ad campaign 1

#3. Funnel Building

This is the advanced method as it requires more technical knowledge.

We believe that time tested frameworks are important to replicate.

The AIDA framework has been in use since the late 19th century,

It represents the stages that a customer will go through to be Aware of you, gain some Interest, build the Desire and later take an Action to purchase our product/service.

fb ad campaign funnel

What we do here is to create content that covers all 4 parts of the funnel.

This means 4 different ads:

3.1. An ad to let the viewers learn more about our brand.

3.2. An ad to build interest by talking about a problem they might be facing.

3.3. An ad to show them how we can help to solve their problem.

3.4. An ad that provides an offer to make them take action.

Focus Your Marketing Effort On Loyal Customers

It’s much better for you to understand that: ‘People will likely get irritated either way, and that’s just how it is.’

There will be bad customers and good customers.

Your goal is to retain and protect those customers that are loyal to your brand.

As long as you work on your ad scaling process and monitor the ad fatigue occurrence closely, your customers will keep on watching and following you no matter the content you produce.

The Current Powerful Facebook Strategy: Facebook Live Streaming

The Emerging Trend Of Facebook Live Streaming

One of the most powerful strategies to have come out from social media platforms, especially on Facebook, could be the answer to many retail business problems.

That strategy is: Facebook Live.

Blog shops, retail businesses and even the fishmongers are tapping on Facebook Live streaming to broadcast their content.

If you’re an owner of a retail store and have yet to explore or look deeper into Facebook Live streaming, you should start taking notes.

The Importance Of Facebook Live Is Not To Be Understated

Facebook currently prioritizes Facebook Live.

This means if you decide to start your own Facebook Live streaming, your followers and friends will receive a notification by Facebook themselves that you are going live and they can click in to join.

The power of Facebook Live comes in the form of revenue, where people can make anywhere from $2000 to $3000 a day!

While most streamers have their own business and a product (sometimes even service) to sell, it is still amazing for the fact that it costs $0 dollars for you to utilise Facebook Live to sell your products or services.

The Foreseeable Future For Facebook Live

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get into a retail business, we urge you to dive into Facebook Live as soon as you can.

Right now, Facebook Live may be FREE but it may not be in the near future.

As more and more people decide to tackle Facebook Live streaming, chances are Facebook itself will start deprioritizing Live feeds.

It will come to a point when Facebook Live has proven its over-popularity and attractiveness to the users, Facebook may start charging for advertisement placement so that you can reach out to more people on the platform.

Live Streaming Apps

The Impact Of Live Platforms That Is Already Happening

There is one different face that distinguishes Facebook Live streaming and China’s Live Streaming Market.

China’s Live Streaming Market has already become a multi-billion dollar industry, where people make millions of dollars by simply appearing on the Live platform itself.

Some of the most popular Live platforms includes:

  • Douyin Short Video 抖音短视频
  • Kuaishou 快手
  • Xigua Video 西瓜视频
  • MOMO 陌陌
  • DouYu Livestream 斗鱼直播


Despite selling the same commercial goods such as luxury bags on live platforms in China, what could be the reason for more volumes and revenue?

There are two main reasons. One is the population, and the other is a way of transaction.

Convenient Monetary Transactions Through Live Platforms

In China, WeChat is more than just a social application.

WeChat has payment transactions enabled, allowing users to pay for their products through the Live Market.

In Oct 2019, Facebook has taken steps in doing the same by introducing payments through Whatsapp in Indonesia.

With almost 200 million people in Indonesia ready to make payments through Whatsapp, it is only a matter of time before Facebook decides to roll out the same features to the rest of the world.

Imagine this: Introducing a payment transaction with a ‘Buy’ button on Facebook Live could streamline the entire process for users.

In many ways, it’s going to change the e-commerce game.

Change Your Perspective On How You View Live Streaming As A Marketing Strategy

There are kids out there in this world that can make thousands of dollars without a website.

Why is it that many retail entrepreneurs are still focusing so much of their marketing efforts on their website, Shopify, Wish, Carousell, Shopee, Ebay, GumTree, etc?

Focus On The Younger Generation. They Are The Key To The Future Consumer Market.

As the younger generation move in to occupy the future stalls and take over the likes of Forever 21 and Metro, they could potentially stay for a very long time.

Many young teens were able to capture a wave in the past.

A prime example would be Love, Bonito, a blog shop in which it became oblivious to the public eye and yet have done fantastically well in capturing the blog shop wave.

They are now opening their physical store regionally as we speak.

As the future continues to shape up, it is possible that the people taking over the market are the same people currently streaming on Facebook Live.

The Sky's The Limit And So Is Facebook Live

There are countless and different types of services and products you can find on Facebook Live.

A Live example being chiropractor Chris Leong, who makes 1000 ringgits for 10-15 minutes with his services.

Which Singaporean chiropractor is making that amount of money at the same time?

Because Chris has been streaming on Live for many years and has amassed 1.9 million followers, it showed that he too was able to capture the wave at the right time with his business.

If you’re able to capture live, it’s time that you give an opportunity to explore this particular platform.

It’s free now, and it might not be free forever.

So what if you’re really shy and dont think you can do it live in front of a camera?

Hire an intern from the local polytechnic!

Not only you have a face to do your live, they can also earn their pocket money at the same time.

Don’t wait until Facebook Live gets expensive before we say “I told you so.”

If you’re running a retail business or you’re an entrepreneur looking to get into retail, you should definitely look into Facebook Live streaming as the future is indeed Live.

Tips on How to Get More Views for Facebook Live

To Get Views On Facebook Live, First Understand The Facebook Live Groups

Many have asked the following questions:

“How do you get people to watch your Facebook Live if you wanna start from zero?”

“How do you do use Facebook Live for free advertising?” 

Here are some tips that can help you get more views on Facebook Live with little to no budget.

What You Need To Know About “Buy And Sell Groups”

You may have seen groups on Facebook, forums and online that are posting and sharing their Facebook Live feeds.

These groups are typically known as Buy And Sell groups. 

An easy way to find these groups is to type in “Buy and sell groups in Singapore” into the search bar on Facebook and a host of options will be shown. 

Imagine these groups like a ‘Pasar Malam’ (meaning “night market”). 

Each one of them offers a way of marketing for a particular product or service.

Ranging from food to clothes and many more, you can find hundreds of sellers marketing their products and services.

Facebook Live Is Rising To Prominence And Making A Big Hit On The Market

Some groups have users ranging from 7,000 to 34,000, and they can be specific.

Buy And Sell group

But before you decide to target your particular market segments, be sure to read up on the group’s rules and regulations.

This way, you can be sure that you don’t spam the users in these groups. 

Run ‘Like And Share’ Contests For Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

The second strategy that you can leverage on Facebook Live is to run contests.

By running contests such as ‘like and share contests’, you can have users to click the ‘like’ button and/ or share your Facebook Live feed. 

As the ‘likes’ and ‘share’ increase, Facebook will pick up the engagement level signal of your Live Feed.

It will then allow your Live feed to be broadcast to more people on its platform.

Now if you don’t know much about Facebook’s policy on advertising, here’s a quick fact: Any post that contains advertising content will not be approved unless you pay for it. 

But here’s a sweet bonus: You can advertise on Facebook Live FREE OF CHARGE! Well… at least for now.   

Loopholes Like Using Facebook Live For Advertising Doesn’t Last Forever

‘Like’ and ‘Share’ contests used to be allowed for Facebook Ads but it is no longer allowed. 

“Personal Timelines and friend connections must not be used to administer promotions (ex: “share on your Timeline to enter” or “share on your friend’s Timeline to get additional entries”, and “tag your friends in this post to enter” are not permitted)”Facebook 

Back then and way before Facebook updated its advertising policy, we’ve run the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ contests for tons of our clients.

Most of them have had great success! 

We knew that the ‘like’ and ‘share’ contest is extremely effective and will somehow be too attractive for Facebook to ignore. 

While it’s still possible for you to run similar campaigns on Facebook live right now, we strongly urge you to take advantage of it to market your brand!

Get A Tons Of Views And Reach Thousands Of Potential Customers. There’s No Other Way Than Marketing On Facebook Live.

Don’t think about it, take action now. 

Facebook Live is a free way of advertising and there isn’t any other way to advertise for FREE to reach thousands of people on Facebook.

Share with us if you disagree. 

We have students that came for our course and implemented this strategy on the next day.

Make a guess on the results that they shared with us? 

“4,000 views on a completely new page!” 

But she later got a soft ban from Facebook, SO WE WARNED YOU, only share to a maximum of 15 groups at one go.

If you are looking to share more, get your friends to share for you.

If you’re a retail entrepreneur or you have a service business, take a look into this particular advertising strategy of doing live videos. 

It’s the best time for you to get started with Facebook Live.

In A Nutshell

Facebook Advertising aren’t rocket science and you can easily start today with the above steps in less than an hour.

We hope that this article has allowed you to at least understand what is Facebook Advertising and make your marketing journey a little easier.

If you require more help, check out our digital marketing course.

Share this article in our social media platforms and let us know how will you use this new knowledge or what will you advertise for.

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