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This article analysed how big companies in Singapore like Watson, CHARLES & KEITH GROUP,  NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd, NUS run their Social Media Campaigns.  

Let’s dive in:

How Businesses In Singapore Run Their Social Media Marketing

In 2019, Social Media has become a fundamental part for all small, medium and even large businesses in today’s world.

Let’s simply put it this way, Social Media Marketing in Singapore is no longer optional.

The tremendous amount of information we generate and consume on a daily basis raised an intriguing question such as “How do I even start with Social Media Marketing in Singapore” and “How did those successful brands stand out beneath all this digital noise?”

On the contrary, if you have already established a steady customer base without the internet, it is great!

But have you ever thought about widening your business opportunities, acquiring new customers and generating more revenue?

Let’s talk about how small businesses in Singapore transit successfully using their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy 1: Create A Branded Business Profile On Facebook And LinkedIn

Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign Statistic

Based on the article titled ‘11 Successful Small Businesses In Singapore’ that was published from, we conducted a research to find the largest customer base for all these successful companies in Singapore.

Here are the results:

  • Among the most popular social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn), 2/3 of the Successful Businesses in Singapore scored the highest followers for their Facebook Accounts.


  • 7 out of 9 successful Small Businesses in Singapore own an Instagram Account.


  • Honestbee was founded since 2014 and it managed to grow it’s Facebook Followers to 453,000 (as of 2019). That is about 90.6K growth of followers per year!


  • 5 out of 9 successful Small Businesses in Singapore invested the least on YouTube Marketing.

Singapore is known to have the highest internet penetration rate and hence, it is important to identify where your customers are.

From the research we have conducted, most of our fellow Singaporeans favor Facebook and LinkedIn.

What are your views on this?

Share with us your thoughts.

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy 2: Give Consumers A Reason To Follow You

The very reason for a business to be involved in social media is to get the attention of your customers and to engage your customers to take action.

So, what’s next after you have set-up your business social media account?

In order to seek the attention that you want, create compelling content that interests your consumers.

Check out what the local brands are posting on their social media accounts!

#1 Feature Moving Visuals

  • National University of Singapore – Facebook A video banner featuring the school front view sets the immediate impression of professionalism.


  • Watson – Facebook Sets the visitor in a cherry mood for celebration. They will specially create a short video (about 25 seconds) for festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, National Day, Mid-Autumn and more!
Make Use of Trending Content

#2 Make Use Of Trending Content

  • SGAG – Twitter With over 584K of followers within 7 years, SGAG has won the hearts and attention of most Singaporeans for daily dose of Singapore humor.


  • Clicknetwork – Twitter Clicknetwork is known for posting the latest reality and lifestyle videos in Singapore. It is no wonder that even on their twitter account, they focus mainly on video content.
Brand Story telling

#3 Brand Storytelling

  • CHARLES & KEITH GROUP – LinkedIn This million-dollar retail company does not just revolve around fashion but also putting their best effort to contribute positive social and environmental impact.


  • NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd – LinkedIn NTUC FairPrice has always been positioning themselves as a social enterprise that is on a mission to help ordinary workers afford basic necessities. The first tagline you will see on FairPrice LinkedIn account is ‘Here To Make Lives Better’.

What you post on social media is a direct reflection of your brand identity.

As you post more and more content online, you are building more online assets for your business.

Learn about Branding for your business.

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy 3: Be Active Online Consistently

Let us take a look from this article 10 Social Enterprises Founded By Singaporeans – published by

We did a quick research on the number of Facebook Posts Frequency by each of these small business owners over the past 3 months.

The results shown a clearer and more defined relation between their followers and post frequency.

Be Active Online Consistently

Understanding The Relationship Between Facebook Followers And Revenue

Do not jump into immediate conclusion where Facebook Ads are useless.

More followers do not mean more revenue in terms of sales.

The point that we are trying to bring across is the importance of identifying the objective for your post – generate sales or build awareness/engage with your customers.

Successful Small Businesses Share At Least 13 Posts Per Month

We only filtered in the enterprises that created their Business Facebook Page in 2017 and did not run Facebook Ads.

By consistently sharing at least 13 relevant posts per month, your Facebook followers are more likely to grow without paying a single cent.

Identify The Objectives Of Your Posts

Increase Brand Awareness

‘Anothersole – Buy1Feed1’ and ‘BloomBack’ particularly caught our attention.

Both of them created their Facebook page in the same year, 2016, they run Facebook Ads and their average Facebook Posting Frequency per month are similar.

But the difference in their pool of followers is a world of difference!

It is obvious that ‘Anothersole – Buy1Feed1’ is focused on building its brand awareness while ‘Bloomback’ is more focus on other areas.

Generate Greater Sales

Similar case from the above point applies to ‘hello flowers!’ and ‘Personalised Love’.

‘hello flowers!’ spent money to run its Facebook Ads and ‘Personalised Love’ does not.

But they have only a difference of 122 in their followers even though they have created their Facebook Page in the same year.

This shows that ‘hello flowers’ are extremely aggressive for their sales marketing campaign.

Ultimately, Attention Is Social Currency!

It is important to generate sales and also to ensure a healthy and sustainable growth of your online supporters.

What about you? What is the objective or purpose for setting up a social media account?

In A Nutshell

Considering the fact that the results were based on limited information such as number of companies and the industry they are in, it is quite clear that the above case studies does not represent all businesses in Singapore.

If you truly want to maximize your social media marketing proficiency, take time to analyse your competitors and research on what is trending within your industry.

You can start by following this simple guide – identify your top competitors, the social media platforms they are using, their online branding image, purpose of their post and their posting frequency.

Check out our Facebook Ads that we ran for our clients in the Real Estate industry here.

As small business owners, we want our startup to be successful in the coming years.

Otherwise, why not consider engaging us to assist you with your Facebook Advertising?

At Next Level, we provide digital marketing services and digital marketing courses to help you scale your business.

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