How to do Live Streams if you are Camera Shy

Doing a livestream may be a new thing for many of you.

As with any new skill or platform to be learnt, there may be some unexpected challenges. Many of you might find yourself facing the problem of camera shyness.

This is certainly a common and understandable problem, so what are the ways that we can overcome this?

Do I have to show my face on camera?

The answer is of course not! Presenting yourself on your live stream is not always necessary. 

For instance, you could show your face briefly at the start of your video before moving on to something else.

You could alternate between showing yourself and showing something else; or you could choose not to reveal yourself on camera at all.

What else can I do if I don’t want to show myself?

Firstly, if you have an attractive product that is visually impressive, feel free to make it the center of attention.

You can make your product the main focus of your livestream, and simply go on about your product: what it is, what it does, the best features it has, pricing options, and so on.

If you feel pressured to keep your audience entertained, remember that it is okay to repeat yourself.

People have gone on to the same live video every week, watched and listened to the same content, and made purchases – consistently.

We are all creatures of habit and routine. People are entertained by habitual things and will certainly be willing to go on your livestream and check you out time and again.

Everybody has fears; and it’s normal to feel apprehensive about showing yourself live. The important thing to remember is to just be yourself.

When you stay as open and transparent as possible on your livestream, you will become authentic to those who are watching you.

Remain true to yourself and your values; focus on your internal motivations and the needs of your business and it will come naturally to you. 

There will be people who will like you for who you are. There may also be people who will not, and that’s perfectly okay.

Remember that even the best and most successful people are not liked by everyone in the world. Why? Because they are making a significant impact!

What you are looking for are the people who want to follow you for who you are; and willing to engage in content that is true to your business.

Start small and work from there

The best advice we have is to start small.

If you are just starting to post online, you can always begin with a text post and make progress from there.

You can follow up your text posts with posts with images, and slowly “graduate” to posting videos.

Once you have become familiar enough with the space, you will eventually be comfortable enough with the idea of going live.

Social media is a skill, and a skill takes time to be learnt.

Just like learning how to ride a bicycle (or learning anything else for that matter), you may find yourself making mistakes. And that’s okay!

No one can claim to be perfect at what they do and we are all constantly learning.

As long as you have the mindset of continuous learning and apply what you have learnt, you will eventually develop that skill and become proficient at it.

By that time, social media and going on live will have become second nature to you.

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