Managing a Live Stream: How many people do I need behind the scenes?

Using live videos for your business at the beginning can raise many questions, especially with regard to manpower. How much work goes into a live video? Who is involved behind the scenes when you are doing a live video? Do you need an assistant, or even a team to manage operations?

Do you need an assistant or even a team?

Ideally, yes.

You don’t have much time for administrative work when you’re talking in front of a camera and actively engaging with a live audience. Having someone to assist you can alleviate the struggle of managing additional tasks that you may need to carry out during the live session itself. For instance, you might have to take the orders that are coming in from customers while speaking to your live audience at the same time.

Multitasking can be hard sometimes. In this scenario, it would be ideal to have one other person to help you handle comments and take orders.

Of course, given the current circumstances we are in, your team may not be around to help you.

How to work around this if you are working alone?

You can still handle the live video by yourself if you’re selling a product live. For how to manage this, you can look to real life examples: some sellers conduct all the operations by themselves on their live videos.

Quite literally, they have a stand, face the product and talk about the item they’re selling. As people make orders by commenting, they record the comments and match the incoming comments to the orders. Then they follow up by going up close to the camera and confirming the orders with the customers.

If this works for you, go for it. Otherwise, this is dependent on you and what resources you have.

If you need people to assist you, why not make the best use of your resources by getting your family to help you? If your family members are living with you, this is a great way to get them to help. Even your children can turn out to be resourceful! 

You have free reign in this aspect. Whether you decide to rope in a team to help you with your live videos or go solo depends on the context of your business, and how you plan to use your live videos to fulfil your business needs. It also depends on how you think you are able to work best.

Don’t worry too much about the detail that goes into how you choose to make your live video – those specifics matter less than the importance of just taking action.

Consistency matters more when using live videos as a strategy. The key to making it effective is about putting out as many live videos as you can to increase the exposure people have to your presence and your brand. 

The more people see you going live, the more likely they are to want to engage with you. And constant engagement is key to achieving success with your live videos. Press on with what you are doing; keep putting out content and continue to sell, and you will see results.

What further insights do you have on this? Let us know in our social media comments!

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