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Introducing Benjamin Chong, CEO of

Digital Marketing Consultant in Singapore, Benjamin Chong

Hi there, my name is Benjamin Chong, CEO of

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are extremely capable of developing a product or service but lack the ability to market them.

As an experienced digital marketing consultant, my role is to find out how your current business operates. Only after understanding your business, my team and I will be able to brainstorm a strategy in order to meet your business’s needs.

Specializing in Social Media Marketing, Next Level Singapore is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies with generating more leads and sales. We audit your current lead acquisition strategy in order to find out where the bottleneck is.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Scale Your Business

After consulting with hundreds of entrepreneurs, the number 1 reason why most entrepreneurs fail is that they lack a predictable way of generating leads and sales

You see, once you identify a strategy where you can put in $1 into an advertising platform and obtain $2 out, it’s very difficult for your business to fail.

When you have a constant and predictable way of acquiring leads, it’s difficult for your business to fail.

Why 200 Over Companies Have Placed Their Trust In Me As Their Digital Marketing Consultant

Benjamin Chong at a Seminar

Having trained marketing managers and digital marketers from the likes of NUS, Singapore Armed Forces, DBS, ERA, Great Eastern, Propnex, Prudential and Anytime Fitness, my wealth of experience revolves around SMEs that are scaling their annual revenue from $1m to $3m to MNCs that are implementing a powerful digital marketing strategy. 

Property agency leaders providing real estate services with more than $10 million dollars worth of production value have also placed their trust in me to generate real estate leads for them.

Where should I start if I am a complete beginner?

Most of my students who have attended our flagship digital marketing course saw a significant increase in the performance of their Facebook Advertisements

Alternatively, I have tons of resources on our company’s digital marketing blog that allows you to learn more about social media marketing in general.

You can check out the beginner’s guide to social media marketing here.

Selecting a digital marketing consultant for your organization

Here are some tips and tricks to consider when selecting a digital marketing consultant for your organization.

1. The strategy that the digital marketing consultant proposes.

It’s not the technology of the advertising platform, but the psychology of marketing that plays a bigger role in marketing. Ask the digital marketing consultant how does he or she decide to acquire a lead to opt-in to your business? Is there a lead magnet? What’s the content offer that he or she is proposing to acquire a lead? 

With so much noise in the marketplace where every business is simply shouting that they are the best to do business with, it’s impossible to cut through the noise without a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is something that you offer of value to the potential customer so that they will pass you their contact details in exchange of your high-value content offer.

2. Past case studies of the digital marketing consultant

With so many gurus and self-proclaimed digital marketing experts in the marketplace, your best bet is to take a look at some of the case studies of the digital marketing consultant.

By taking a look at the results that they have brought for other clients, it would give you a better idea of what they would be able to achieve for you business.

In today’s world, anyone can proclaim that they are well-versed in digital marketing, but only someone who has been there and done that can claim that.

For instance, Next Level Singapore has done multiple marketing campaigns for our clients, with some bringing in over 20x return on investment in the real estate industry. You can read more about our case studies here

3. Check if the digital marketing consultant practises what they preach

Imagine you are visiting a western doctor for a cough. The western doctor proceeds to prescribe you cough medicine after diagnosing your condition. 

However, when the doctor has a cough, the doctor chooses not to consume this cough medicine, but instead, proceeds to use Chinese medicine to cure his cough.

Hypothetically, if you knew that this doctor doesn’t even take his own medicine that he prescribes to you, how much would you trust this doctor?  

Would you believe anything that he claims, and shares with you?

The same goes for hiring a digital marketing consultant. That digital marketing consultant should practise what they preach, and use these strategies that they are prescribing to you for themselves.

If they are recommending Digital Marketing Solutions for your business, they jolly well be using Digital Marketing Solutions for their own business in order to acquire clients.

Otherwise, it’s a big red flag. You should stay away from a digital marketing consultant that doesn’t walk the talk.  


If you are looking for a digital marketing consultant to take your business to the next level, feel free to contact my team at +65 8376 5715 or drop us an email at [email protected]
Note that we only serve serious, hungry and committed business owners who are willing to grow and scale their businesses.

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